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Arang and the Magistrate
“Memory? Yeah, there’s one thing I do remember. That terrifying horror in the moment of Lee Seo-rim’s death — I remembered that! Even if the truth of my death lies there, right now I’m so scared I can’t go. When I want to know, I’ll go. Not you! When I want to know! That’s when I’ll go! But that’s not now.” — Arang
“Till now I lived… thinking that being a man was all about being strong. But that wasn’t so. An ordinary man uses his strength for a woman… but a real man uses his heart for a woman.” – Dol Sue
“If I want to hug you, I’ll hug you. If I want to hold you, I’ll hold you.” – Eun Oh

“Even if you say that you erased it, it doesn’t go away that easily. Love doesn’t remain in memories… it remains in the heart.” – Choong Sik
“Teacher Gil, you are not mine, but even if I disappear, can you retain the memory of my existence? Please don’t erase me away.” – Kyung Joon

Fated To Love You
“Then who do you wish I am?” – Cun Xi

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1 March 2010 – new quotes from Autumn’s Concerto, DBY and more TW

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taiwanese drama quotes… enjoy^^

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