New quotes – Arang and the Magistrate, Big, Fated To Love You…

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Arang and the Magistrate
“Memory? Yeah, there’s one thing I do remember. That terrifying horror in the moment of Lee Seo-rim’s death — I remembered that! Even if the truth of my death lies there, right now I’m so scared I can’t go. When I want to know, I’ll go. Not you! When I want to know! That’s when I’ll go! But that’s not now.” — Arang
“Till now I lived… thinking that being a man was all about being strong. But that wasn’t so. An ordinary man uses his strength for a woman… but a real man uses his heart for a woman.” – Dol Sue
“If I want to hug you, I’ll hug you. If I want to hold you, I’ll hold you.” – Eun Oh

“Even if you say that you erased it, it doesn’t go away that easily. Love doesn’t remain in memories… it remains in the heart.” – Choong Sik
“Teacher Gil, you are not mine, but even if I disappear, can you retain the memory of my existence? Please don’t erase me away.” – Kyung Joon

Fated To Love You
“Then who do you wish I am?” – Cun Xi

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Quote of the day~ Love Rain

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“The start of being with one person is the end of being with another.”

– In Ha / Love Rain [kdrama]

New quotes – Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Love Rain…

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Dramas in this post: Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Love Rain, Rooftop Prince, The King 2 Hearts

Boys Over Flowers
“This teacup, it looks really weak, doesn’t it? But it’s actually stronger than it appears. How long do you think it took for it to become like this? Turned upside down, stepped on, cut over and over again, and it needs to withstand 1300 degrees of heat. That’s not the end. And when you go through all of that, and it still can’t be yours, you must completely give it up. Like this. *smashes teacup* What I’m saying is that in order to become strong, and to find out what truly belongs to you, there will be a process you must overcome.” – Yi Jung

Dream High
“From now on, if you know you’re wrong, then apologize. Don’t get angry.” – Jin Gook

Love Rain
“I’m sorry for not having any common sense. But even if I may be easy, I can’t play around. Because I’ve never been tired before since I’m old fashioned and innocent.” – Ha Na
“You said you could make someone fall in love in 3 seconds right? But you will never get me because from now on I won’t even look at you for 1 second.” – Ha Na

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New quotes – Dream High, Fashion King, Love Rain…

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Dramas in this post: Dream High, Fashion King, Love Rain, The King 2 Hearts

Dream High
“Music is the most common language in the world.” – Teacher Kang

Fashion King
“If it wasn’t for him, I would have not even been able to go. But he found me and came to where I was… how desperate must he have been to come to me. He, just like me, has no one else in this world to lean on. If it were you… the person who gifted me with the most precious time of my life, could you have ignored that person?” – Ga Young
“You’re trash! I can’t believe I considered you a human being. I must be the crazy one.” – Anna

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New quotes – Color of Woman, Dream High 2, Love Rain…

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Dramas in this post: Color of Woman, Dream High 2, Love Rain, My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox, Scent of a Woman, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Color of Woman
“A first love is like white lacy panties. From the moment the package has been opened, it can never go back to being pure white again. It can’t be turned back, it leaves behind only regrets.” – So Ra
“I only gave her a dress. Unlike you, you gave her your heart.” – Chan Jin
“I just thought of the two of us and the words ‘deep kiss and, urgh, it was horrible.” – So Ra

Dream High 2
“I… whenever I’m with you, I feel like dreaming a dream that I can’t ever dream again.” – Hae Sung
“Propose… romance… love… isn’t always just sweet.” – Rian
“Memories are memories. If you keep living in the past, there’s no future. – Haesung
“Music.. will always be like my one sided love. Just… a love that I do on my own.” – Haesung
“Dating is not something that works out just because you want it to. Inspiration, talent… and this emotion that you’re born with. That’s what you need.” – JB

Love Rain
“It took me 3 seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds.” – In Ha
“One, two, three. In just three seconds, I fell in love.” – In Ha

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