New quotes – Color of Woman, Dream High 2, Love Rain…

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Dramas in this post: Color of Woman, Dream High 2, Love Rain, My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox, Scent of a Woman, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Color of Woman
“A first love is like white lacy panties. From the moment the package has been opened, it can never go back to being pure white again. It can’t be turned back, it leaves behind only regrets.” – So Ra
“I only gave her a dress. Unlike you, you gave her your heart.” – Chan Jin
“I just thought of the two of us and the words ‘deep kiss and, urgh, it was horrible.” – So Ra

Dream High 2
“I… whenever I’m with you, I feel like dreaming a dream that I can’t ever dream again.” – Hae Sung
“Propose… romance… love… isn’t always just sweet.” – Rian
“Memories are memories. If you keep living in the past, there’s no future. – Haesung
“Music.. will always be like my one sided love. Just… a love that I do on my own.” – Haesung
“Dating is not something that works out just because you want it to. Inspiration, talent… and this emotion that you’re born with. That’s what you need.” – JB

Love Rain
“It took me 3 seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds.” – In Ha
“One, two, three. In just three seconds, I fell in love.” – In Ha

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New quotes – Dream High 2, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

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We have a Tumblr now! It may or might not be temporary, I wanted an easier way to share the quotes so thought this might be the answer.

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Dramas in this post: Dream High 2, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Dream High 2
“At any school, there are always the superior and inferior students. The names are only different, but ‘A’ and ‘B’ exist. I want to ask everyone this. Are dreams only for those who have talent? If you don’t have talent, should you not dream? If you want to dream, you need to close your eyes. If you close your eyes, it doesn’t matter how other people see you. When you close your eyes, you do not see how other people see you, but you face your true self. When I closed my eyes, the person I faced said ‘Don’t give up on dreams.’ Because dreams are not only for the talented, but for those who dream.” – Haesung
“In our school there are a lot of people with talent. Whenever I see my friends, I feel like I’m so lacking. Like a turtle; a turtle that can never keep up with the hare. No matter how hard I tried to follow them, when I got there, they already went ahead. No matter how hard I tried, it was no use. I was just born different from them. I was a turtle, but someone else was a hare.” – Haesung

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
“No matter how the world changes there are things that you need to protect. Even though you can change your car, you don’t change love. No matter how cruel the world becomes, love shouldn’t change.” – Chi Soo

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New quotes – Brain, City Hunter, Dream High 2…

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Dramas in this post: Brain, City Hunter, Dream High 2, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Ojakgyo Brothers, Operation Proposal, Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~, Take Care Of Us Captain

“Wings, I should need them some day, but it’s not now. I will use my own power to pursue and find my own wings.” – Kang Hoon

City Hunter
“Because I like you. Even though you’re weird and talk harshly, I like you. I know, I’m not your type – you’re not my type either. But, I still like you. I always want to see you. I feel miserable now… but I want to be faithful to my feelings.” – Nana

Dream High 2
“My name is Shin Hae Sung. Hae, as in ocean. Sung, as in star. A star hidden in the ocean. This time, remember it correctly. Right now I’m not much of anything in the sea… but one day you’re going to remember me. All the harsh words you said to me, there will come a day when you’ll regret them.” – Hae Sung
“Idol? Why do you want to be one? If you can’t sing, you can lip-sync, and if you can’t dance, you can wear flashy clothes. Just do that. Isn’t that what you think anyway? That’s how it seems to me. You have no interest or passion for music, but you just want to be famous, so you do what everyone tells you to do – you laugh the same, you dance the same, you sing with that same voice. Don’t you think that’s gross? People aren’t dolls.” – Yoo Jin

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