New quotes – A Gentleman’s Dignity, Arang and the Magistrate, Bridal Mask…

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A Gentleman’s Dignity
“When you come to me, wear these. On a good day, prettily.” – Do Jin
“What I want from you, those are just things like this. Not hot things, but warm things.” – Mi Sook
“Men only know if you tell them. Even though you probably want them to just know, they won’t.” – Do Jin

Arang and the Magistrate
“It’s not my taste, but somebody told me that… in front of a man, I should be soft and gentle. That way he will grant your wish.” – Arang
“There are so many things that you can‘t calculate in this world.” — Jade Emperor

Bridal Mask
“Even if I die, I can’t quit.” – Kang To
“Because it seemed like you saw me, who’d chased so desperately after success and power, you always weigh on my mind. Whether you’re doing this because it’s what you truly want, or perhaps it’s what your adoptive father wants, and you’re living as his puppet on a string — think it over carefully. I believe you’ll choose the right path someday.” – Kang To

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New quotes – A Gentleman’s Dignity, Bridal Mask, Bull Fighting…

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A Gentleman’s Dignity
“There are only two reasons why a woman doesn’t pick up her phone. She either likes him too much or hates him too much.” – Se Ah
“Just because you tape it back, does a pictures that’s been cut once become uncut? It just becomes more tattered. If you retrieve your feelings, does it mean you never gave them? That’s a lie.” – Me Ah Ri
“‘I’m going to start a one-sided love.’ – I got butterflies in my stomach when you said that. When I saw my picture in your wallet – my heart fluttered. When you said ‘Can you love me?’ – I wavered. In front of the restaurant, when you said you need to let me go. I was afraid for the first time. If this person doesn’t like me, what do I do?” – Yi Soo

Bridal Mask
“It may appear reckless. One layer of an egg’s shell, cast against a stone will surely break. But no matter how strong a stone, it is dead. And no matter how weak an egg, it is alive. When time passes a stone will crumble into dirt. But someday there is a chick who will hatch from that egg and walk upon that dirt. The day will come when the Japanese empire’s murderous tyranny and oppression cannot defeat that egg.” – Damsari

Bull Fighting
“Gains and losses in life aren’t important. What’s important is that everyone’s together!” – Yi family

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29 Jan 2010 – new quotes from Bull Fighting, Hana Yori Dango and more

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Quote of the day~

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“Keep smiling. Your smile is my strength.”

– Ruo He / Bull Fighting [twdrama]

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