The Musical quotes

“I came to reject harshly, you are a better man that I thought you were. I’ll leave in a good mood.” – Jae Yi

“If you’re sorry to see people like him being arrogant, you’re losing already. Just let it go.” – Bok Ja

“You know I’ve seen girls that wait outside. Or girls saying “You look so hot!” Or girls that get inside like a meter away from the base and just scream. But I’ve never seen a girl that really hits the balls.” – Jae Yi

“He is not someone that says wrong things. He is someone that says things in a mean way.” – Jae Yi

“You singing my songs. And me watching you. Lets just keep it simple like that. Don’t think about other things.” – Jae Yi

“You’re making yourself uncomfortable for the sake of others. Isn’t that silly. By giving up things that are important. What good is that to you?” – Jae Yi

“Ability, conscientiousness, self-confidence, and objectivity. I was expecting that you would answer based on those.” – Yoo Jin

“You have to smile after making trouble. This way you get in less trouble.” – Eun Bi

“I’ll be honest with my heart. That’s fair to me.” – Jae Yi

“I invest, forecast and put in effort. That’s how I gain what I want. During the process, I throw away pride, personality or my character. But, there are people who try to get it without risking anything.” – Yoo Jin

“She smiles. She drags everyone into her. Once she decides on something that she likes, she doesn’t care what the world thinks. She puts everyone into trouble. But makes herself look innocent and honest. She is full of herself.” – Ra Kyung & Yoo Jin

“Although a desire for someone cannot be pure, at least you should be able to see the pain your loved ones have. Only then you can call such desire ‘love’.” – Jae Yi

“It was you that led me to the musical that’s everything to me. You held my hands so that I can enter the world that I could only watch. When I fell, you helped me stand up. When the path was closed, you opened it up. You’re that kind of person to me.” – Eun Bi

“Even if you want something so badly, without talent, you can’t even get the opportunity. You remain as the chorus for the rest of your life.” – Eun Bi

“People always tend to choose what is best for them. They pretend to be unselfish, all so that they can feel good about themselves. Even that really is a selfish decision.” – Eun Bi

“The desire for you to do well is greater than the desire to do it myself.” – Yoo Jin

“The moment you let go of my hands, I only thought about how you could do that for months. But then, I know now. I can move on. Just like how you let go of my hands.” – Jae Yi

“He loved me. He loved my voice. He wrote songs for me. He made musicals for me. He said that I inspired him. His songs are the best. But I couldn’t get my mind straight. So I wanted to leave with him, but Sang Won stopped me. I still love him.” – Kang Hee

“I just want to do musicals. it’s hard enough just to do musicals. No matter how hard I try, I think it’s only getting harder. Even If I try harder, there are problems that I just can’t deal with. I don’t know why it’s become like this.” – Eun Bi

“If you push her in that kind of situations, it’s the worst kind of pressure. I don’t think you know how that feels.” – Yoo Jin

“In general people speak shortly when they speak truth, and long when they lie.” – Jae Yi