Tantei Gakuen Q quotes

“We’re friends that share the same dream.” – Kyuu

“No matter how evil someone may be, murder isn’t something that could be forgiven.” – Kyuu

“Where you belong isn’t something you look for and find. Maybe the life you’ve chosen, will suddenly become the place where you belong.” – Youko

“Our world that we are supposed to live in, isn’t in the internet. In the real world, there’s suffering, things don’t always go our way… there’s a lot of those. But, if you have have a dream of becoming something, you shouldn’t run away from that. You should accept yourself the way you are and face reality.” – Kyuu

“Human beings can’t do anything by themselves. That’s why they need friends.” – Kyuu

“But you know, a detective doesn’t fight with force and violence. A detective has the power to see through the truth, using reason as a weapon to fight evil… and one more thing, friends. No matter how painful and harsh it is, you can overcome it as long as you have friends. You can get the courage to fight against evil people. That’s why you need to believe your own friends.” – Tenjou

“At the very least I’ll believe you. So please don’t lie.” – Kyuu

“If one is convinced that someone believes in him and that there’s someone he can believe in, a person will not become too twisted. If there was someone who believed in him till the end, Kokuo Hoshihiko might not have become King Hades.” -Dan Sensei

“If we give up looking for the truth because we’re scared of the answer, then we’re just bending into wicked intentions. I will never give up. If a detective gives up, the case will remain unsolved.” – Kyuu

“In the midst of darkness, I’ve been fighting with my own fate. And the ones who shined a light of hope for me was the Q Class. As long as that light is there I will never tread along the wrong path.” – Ryuu

“It’s true that peoples hearts are incomplete and weak, but they are not alone. If they can trust someone else from the bottom of their hearts, I’m sure someone else will believe and watch over them. The one who’s really weak is you, who weren’t able to fully believe in others. From now on we’ll believe in the light within people’s hearts.” – Kyuu