Summer’s Desire quotes

“I also want happiness, to be able to rely completely on someone, to love and be loved without restraints. But there is nothing worth your complete trust in this world other than yourself. The moment you lean on someone, you’ll lose the strength to remain standing when that person leaves and you’ll end up hitting the ground.” – Xia Mo

“I used myself to get what I want, but I didn’t make use of other people. You can use yourself to attain your goal, but you don’t have the right to hurt anyone else. That is the basic principle of living.” – Xia Mo

“So it’s the same feeling. I know you’re dangerous. Yet I can’t leave you. Instead, I’m attracted to you. It’s like falling into a vortex, unable to climb up, constantly pulled to your side.” – Xia Mo

“Sometimes I think fate is a strange thing. Whenever it gives you something, it will also take something away from you, and it never cares whether that’s what you wanted…” – Luo Xi

“If we’re people from the same world, why is there always a wall separating us? Is it because I’m fated to be a person, so I can’t get through? Or is it because someone’s already living in your heart, so you can’t come in? Then can you hear my fierce heartbeat? Because of our yet to be finished story from five years ago,
it keeps beating…”
– Luo Xi

“I am yours, but you are free.” – Ou Chen

”Once I had wanted very badly, to let her be wiped away from my memories. How I wished I never met this person. Even to the point that there’s no such person. But right now seeing that she is still alive, able to breathe, able to talk, somehow I feel completely satisfied.” – Luo Xi

“I once heard a saying that really made me suffer: May god bestow upon me a peaceful heart so that I can accept those things that cannot be changed. May God bestow upon me courage so that I can change those things that can be changed. May God bestow upon me wisdom so that I can differentiate things properly… everything that could have been done, for Xiao Cheng, you have already done them.” – Luo Xi