Personal Taste quotes

“That’s right, I was like that then. Even when I was forced to suffer such indignities, I was a fool who couldn’t even say a word in my defense. But no more of that now. I suppose he must of changed me.” – Kae In

“I raced to the death, hearing people call me crazy. I raced to the death, but I’m always just a child. A child who couldn’t do anything when his father died. So unjust it makes me crazy. There was nothing I could do. Just a child hitting the wall. No matter how far I run, I’m always in the same place.” – Jin Ho

“A person like you has never waited all day for a phone call from the person you like. Or felt that your heart might burst, just from looking at this person. You could die and come back from the grave and never know. The person who made me feel that way told me to come outside. No matter how wrong he was, I want to hear him out. What can I do? I’m just built like this, so what can I do?” – Kae In

“Love does not ask you to discard your pride, it’s about protecting a person. Don’t do this in the future. Don’t believe people so easily. Don’t fall in love so easily. Don’t forgive easily either. Please… become stronger.” – Jin Ho

“In the past, I’d look at my friends that were good in math and I’d think, wouldn’t love be an easy problem for them to solve too? I’d wonder about that. If love had an equation and you know the solution, maybe we wouldn’t hurt each other, maybe we wouldn’t misunderstand each other, and maybe we could just love. Don’t you think so?” – Director Choi

“You being by my side is the biggest comfort.” – Kae In

“Sorry? That’s for when you step on someone’s foot on the bus.” – Gae In

“What do I do? I’m getting addicted to acting gay.” – Sang Jun

“I’m just going to trust you. Even if I get used a hundred, a thousand times, I’m just going to trust you. Even if it’s foolish. That’s the advantage of being Park Gae-In. Even if you use me again, even if I’m sad again, I’m just going to trust you. Because I can’t say goodbye like this.” – Gae In

“The next time you’re born, please be born as a man who can love a woman.” – Gae In

“My mind is a scattered chaotic mess, so I’m collecting all my thoughts.” – Gae In

“If it’s a fair fight, it doesn’t matter if I get a bloody nose. But if the bloody nose is from someone with rocks in his fists, then it’s not fair. So, this time around, fight us with just your fists. Please do me this favor.” – Jin Ho

“Chances are something people have to make.” – Jin Ho