Nice Guy quotes

“That was my first kiss. The one that we had by Hirosaki Castle. From someone… it was also the first time I told someone ‘I love you’ with all my heart. It was the first time in my twenty-nine years of life. ‘I love you, Seo Eun-ki.’ I heard that kind of heart-thumping confession for the first time because of you. Because of the guy named Kang Maru, waking up, breathing, living… those things felt wondrous for the very first time. So… My only wish now is to be able to see you every day, to say ‘I love you’ every day, to hear you tell me you love me every day, to dream the same dream, to give birth to children, to raise them, and to grow old with you. Is that possible?” – Eun Ki

“If I love them, do I have to have them?” – Sang Yeob

“It’s not like you can take the money with you when you die.” – Jae Sik

“Love can make unbelievable miracles happen.” – Secretary Suh

“I had a dream again yesterday. In my dream, I met about a hundred people. They all said they were my father. They all said they were my friends, said they were my lovers. Said they were on my side. They all said these sweet things, but only you didn’t say anything. You didn’t say that you really care about me, cherish me, ‘The person I love is only you.’ I even screamed for you to say it even if it was a lie. You didn’t say anything til the end, Maru. ‘Eun Gi, I am on your side…’, you could’ve just said that. Then I could’ve believed everything. Just if you had at least said something.” – Eun Gi

“Love is… what I gave you, Noona. That is love. After you lost it, you realized how precious it was. You’re regretting it to the degree you could vomit blood. No matter what price you have to pay, you want to find it again. That is love, right, Noona?” – Ma Ru

“In this world, there is no love that cannot be.” – Eun Gi

“Everyone… has memories they can not erase no matter how hard they try. Memories… memories are things… that will continuously change and fade. My memories… are they untarnished? My memories… are they trustworthy? What I saw that day… what was it?” – Eun Gi

“When a car travels for a long distance it sometimes goes off the track, breaks down or shakes. But it’s not possible to forget the destination.” – Attorney Ahn

“The wounds I carry, she carries them too. The unshed tears in my head flow through her heart too.” – Ma Ru

“People, you see… are ruthless and foolish. When they’re young, in order to have money and power, they give up everything like health and youth. And when they get sick, become old, and have all the money and power… in order to find their health and youth again, they spend all of the wealth they’ve wasted so much energy and time to accumulate.” – Jae Hee


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