Love Rain quotes

“It took me 3 seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds.” – In Ha

“One, two, three. In just three seconds, I fell in love.” – In Ha

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” – In Ha

“Love comes from the heart.” – In Ha

“Love never says sorry.” – Yoon Hee

“The reason people have two arms is for them to hug the people that they love.” – Yoon Hee

“I don’t want you to get any misunderstandings. Those paintings don’t mean anything. They were just sceneries for me. You just happened to be in the scenery that I was going to paint on that day.” – In Ha

“I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her, or how much that it hurt me to leave her. The watercolor twilight dusk was ending.” – In Ha

“I realise I didn’t like you. I just wanted to meet someone that understood me. I didn’t know that you were speaking from the diary. I had mistaken it for love.” – Yoon Hee

“The scenery with love is always beautiful. But just because love is beautiful, does not mean that it’s always happy.” – Yoon Hee

“Love always has two different faces of sadness and happiness.” – Yoon Hee

“Perhaps the reason memories of youth are always in watercolor, is because it ends before it can be put in more vivid colors.” – In Ha

“I’m sorry for not having any common sense. But even if I may be easy, I can’t play around. Because I’ve never been tired before since I’m old fashioned and innocent.” – Ha Na

“You said you could make someone fall in love in 3 seconds right? But you will never get me because from now on I won’t even look at you for 1 second.” – Ha Na

“The start of being with one person is the end of being with another person.” – In Ha

““Okay, let’s be a family. It’ll be fitting, since being a family has always brought me pain.” – Suh Joon

“It’s not like that for me. I still like you. So I’m going to do this until I hate you. It may take a long time, so you should be prepared.” – Ha Na

“I was taking a picture of the Diamond Snow behind you! Who are you to come into my piece and ruin my art?” – Suh Joon

“Like I said… let’s say I took a picture of the Madison Count bridge. If a duck that happened to be floating there is in the picture, do I have to ask for the duck’s approval then? If I took a picture of the sky and a butterfly was in it, do I have to ask for the butterfly’s approval?” – Suh Joon

“Yes, Suh Joon, you have something called a family inheritance, but I have something called a family debt!” – Jo Soo

“From the moment I first saw you, my scenery has been you.” – In Ha