Love Keeps Going quotes

“Where is your loyalty to yourself? When treating problems seriously, a person that doesn’t even care about themselves, what right do they have in demanding someone to cherish them? A person that doesn’t even understand what she likes, how can she demand apologies? It is you who should apologize to yourself. Cherish yourself. That’s why people make use of you.” – Yi Lie

“The hardest thing you have to face after a breakup, is not the pain of being alone. It’s when you’re with someone, you still have to pretend and say ‘I’m good’, ‘I’m fine’, ‘Don’t worry about me’. This will use up all your strength.” – Mei Le

“Remember! One must insult themselves first before they can insult others.” – Yi Lie

“It’s like… when I was little and sick and there were no taxis in the middle of the night. My mom was anxious and gave me a piggyback ride for three blocks. Her back is also this warm. Your hair smelled like the shampoo she used. Like you.” – Yi Lie

“When you sleep, you look specially obedient and cute. If you can maintain that, it would be great.” – Mei Le

“See? When it comes to someone you see every day, you don’t notice anything. Yet when it comes to her, you observe all the details… Han Yi Lie, stop lying to yourself. For her, you’re willing to put down your pride and ask people for favors. For her, you are willing to be exposed to the public. You are now a public figure without privacy. For her…” – Shao Ying

“When you’re too useful, people will just use you. You will be the one that will be hurt, especially in a relationship.” – Mei Le’s mom

“I was bored and I had a lot of money.” – Yi Lie

“I can put you down, but you have to be good and hold my hand.” – Yi Lie

“I don’t care. I only have one thought and that’s to not let you get hurt. As for everything else, I don’t care at all.” – Yi Lie

“I’ve just… never been protected by someone before. All along, it’s been me looking after other people. I have to give a lot to have other people care about me. This is the first time I’ve felt the warmth of being looked after.” – Mei Le

“I recently got to know a guy. He’s really different from the people I’ve met before. He’s overbearing and likes to put on a long face. But when I’m most helpless, he will help me, stand up for me, take revenge for me, and help me find the Zha Mei Le I never knew. When I’m with him, even though I’ll sometimes be frustrated with his overbearing manner, but over time it’s actually quite entertaining. To him, it doesn’t matter even if he offends the whole world, because what he cares about is whether I’m happy. Actually, I quite like that.” – Mei Le

“Do you know why I can’t relax around you? It’s because you are so much like him. And sadly… you are not him.” – Mei Le

“I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you I was sick. But you should understand why. It’s because I love you. I really love you. I can even be tacky and say that I love you with my life. So, I hope you’ll be happy. I don’t want you to care for a useless person forever. Do you remember? I promised you that I’d let you be useless. If now, I’m the one who stays in bed and won’t get up, won’t you yell at me? Right? Did you know? To let you leave me, my heart really hurts because I have to hurt you like this. But I know if I don’t hurt you enough you wouldn’t leave me. That’s because you also love me like this. Don’t you?” – Yi Lie

“This is understanding not trust. There’s no such thing as unconditional trust in this world. But as long as you understand someone well enough, you will know what they will do and what they won’t do.” – Mei Le’s mom

“Aren’t I right here? Don’t use your eyes to see; don’t use your brain to think. As long as you still love me I want you to believe that I love you too and I’ll be right here. I’ll always be right here.” – Mei Le