Love Buffet quotes

“Is it my turn to present Shakespeare? Well, Shakespeare says, ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.’” – Da Ye

“In my dictionary, the words ‘give up’ do not exist! Neither do the words ‘being afraid’! If you’re afraid, how will you fall in love?” – Xiao Feng

“You should smile more. Do you know when you smile, you look just like Da Ye, just as sunshine.” – Xiao Feng

“Give me your pain. This way you won’t be hurt.” – Da Ye

“You really are a nice girl. In my heart you have a lot of beauty.” – Ah Yi

“I think, even though Da Ye also rejected you, the pain and burden in his heart must have been greater than when he rejected me.” – Qiu Ying

“Don’t think I can’t see what’s happening. Being like this, you’re not letting yourself remember the problem. Laughing and smiling like this, you’re only lying to yourself. You’re pretending nothing happened.” – Ah Ji

“Dad wants to say to you, don’t worry. Life is like this, it has ups and downs. Just like when your dad was young, every 2–3 months, he got rejected by the one he likes. But it’s all right, the more you fail the stronger you get. You lose one, there’s always the next one.” – Dad

“Don’t come any closer! Don’t be so nice to me and be so tender with me, yet tell me you’re not prepared for this. I also didn’t prepare for this. I just fell in love with you.” – Xiao Feng

“You should know that I don’t understand this ‘like’, this emotion that you’re talking about. That’s why I’m unable to return your feelings.” – Da Ye

“If Da Ye was the sun, Ah Yi is the moon. In the morning, the sun is so bright and warm. Making people forget the existence of the moon. When the darkness arrives, I realize that the moon has actually always been watching over me.” -Xiao Feng

“We’ve had lots of expectations towards love, spent a lot of time and turned into many corners. Maybe all of us have taken the long way. The sadness, happiness, pain, loss, have all left a precious mark on this road. Then we can only walk together to where we are now. What will it be like tomorrow? We can only bravely walk forward, otherwise we’ll never know.” – Xiao Feng

“Yesterday ran into today, and then yesterday and today created tomorrow together.” – Xiao Feng

“I know you are trying really hard, I can also feel we’re getting closer. However, the more I love you, the more I hate myself. I’ve been guessing, thinking, afraid of the feeling of losing something. I hate it being like this.” – Da Ye