Gokusen quotes

“Fighting and violence are different! Violence is when you gang up and beat up someone, for no reason. Fighting is when you fight for something or someone precious to you.” – Yankumi

“Don’t ever do anything rotten like stealing! You are a disgrace to delinquents. Making fun of teachers is fine. Getting into fights is fine. But, don’t do anything cowardly! Be delinquents with pride and dignity.” – Yankumi

“You only get to see the inside of people when you drop all your pretense and hang out with them. The outer appearance and the inside aren’t they same are they? What do you know about a person from looks or title alone? Do you know by just looking, that this guy would endure anything for his sister? Can you tell that this guy takes really good care of his mother? Can you tell that all these guys have kind hearts and have compassion for others? At first, I didn’t know myself. I believe in these guys, my students.” – Yankumi

“Can’t get up yourself? Don’t wait till somebody gives you a hand! Being like that, you’ll continue to be a wimp. People don’t extend courtesy and compassion to those not standing up firmly on their own feet. People are not so nice as to lend a hand to those running away all the time.” – Yankumi

“Everyone wants the run away when there’s trouble. But if you run away that’s it, isn’t it? Even when something bad happens, you gotta pick yourself up and keep going.” – Yankumi

“If you have the time to make excuses and blame others, why don’t you look forward and think about your future? Isn’t it unfair to blame others for everything? If you aren’t able to overcome a setback by yourself, a little tumble and your life is over. What are you doing stuck in the same place? You still have a long way to go. You gotta open up your own future by yourself. You have what it takes to do that don’t you?” – Yankumi

“School is a place to graduate from someday. Your life after graduation is a lot longer. If you dwell on something that’s over, you become unable to move from there. You need to focus on what’s ahead.” – Oedo Yakuza Boss

“Being strong doesn’t mean you can fight. Even Kindergartners can fight.” – Yankumi

“Your physical strength doesn’t determine how strong you are. If you have the strength to protect what is important to you, that’s all you need.” – Yankumi

“Unless you are strong, no matter how much we help you, you won’t be able to stand up.” – Oedo Yakuza Boss

“Kumiko, you’ve taught us that the more trouble there is in a family, the happier we all become.” – Oedo Yakuza Boss

“Blood doesnt matter. Living under the same roof, breathing the same air, eating and laughing and spending time together. Isn’t that what a family is?” – Yankumi