Down With Love quotes

“A worthless thing’s worth is determined on how the owner knows how to cherish and take care of it.” – Yang Guo

“Only the contented can truly be happy.” – Yang Guo

“Don’t cry. If you cry that means you still love him. If you still love him, it means that you’ve lost to him.” – Ke Zhong

“I believe that true love is unconditional, nor does it ask for reasons.” – Yang Guo

“What’s wrong with me! I actually thought she could stay by my side forever. I… how could I have these kinds of feelings for her? How could I like someone so manly?” – Yu Ping

“That’s weird, when comparing her to all the pretty girls I have seen, she looks so plain. How come when I see her, my mood suddenly becomes better?” – Yu Ping

“If everything is considered because of the loss of money, then you would lose things that are more important.” – Ke Zhong

“Let me tell you… people like you who don’t like to bother others and keep everything to themselves are the most difficult to handle, you know… because even if people want to be nice to you they don’t know how.” – Yang Guo

“Has anyone ever told you that you have a very cute smile? Because it had the ability to… make other people happy.” – Ke Zhong

“Do you know… that your only flaw is not knowing how great you are?” – Ke Zhong

“It’s as though I’ve been mesmerized by him, while wearing shoes that are taller than Taipei 101, pacing back and forth at least 800 times. But, I don’t feel pain at all. I need to tread quietly and carefully because I’m really afraid of awakening in my heart… this little thing called unrequited love.” -Yang Guo

“The magical moment belongs to you. The unfriendly strangers around you, with their mocking eyes, will momentarily fade away and disappear. The only ones left in the world are you and him. It doesn’t matter how big the world is, in my eyes, there’s only you.” – Yu Ping

“I should be happy that she’s happy. But why am I not happy at all. What should I do? She’s not mine anymore and there’s only one Yang Guo.” – Yu Ping

“Could it be… that I’m so poor that all I have is money?” – Qi Ma

“I just never knew before, that a smile could make someone so happy.” – Yu Ping

“Do you know, when I saw that Ke Zhong almost kissed you, my heartbeat was so fast that I thought I would die. You know that day when you came to me to help you learn magic for Ke Zhong and you told me you only held hands with him; I could have died from happiness… I just care about you this much. If you feel like I do, and care about me this much too, I’ll gladly meet all your demands, whatever they are.” – Yu Ping

“Go and serve some tea to the staff. No… serve them water. Ah! No, no… tell them to serve you water… no, I mean…” – Yu Ping

“My sister was right… dating a lawyer is like going to court all the time.” – Yang Guo

“Marry me. I know that I have a lot of flaws and I’m far from being the perfect boyfriend but I really love you very very much. So much that if I could, I’d glue you to my side so that you wouldn’t look at anyone else but me everyday. Marry me.” – Yu Ping

“Whether a thing has value or not, it depends on if the person who has it knows how to treasure or care about it. I believe that one day I’ll find someone who’ll treasure and care about me. Not caring whether I’m rich or not, or pretty or not and he’ll love me forever… love me forever…” – Yang Guo

“If all you can see in your eyes is yourself, you’ll end up with nothing one day.” – Yu Ping

“If you don’t know how to treasure things like feelings, why would you treasure anything else?” – Yang Guo