City Hall quotes

“A woman should know how valuable she is.” – Jo Gook

“If you haven’t accomplished what you can in life, that means your choice is at fault.” – Jo Gook

“You can hide yourself in as many people as possible, I’ll still be able to see you. Because you’re mine. How can anybody not find what’s theirs?” – Jo Gook

“I have a dream now. When I become the President, I want to dance with my wife at the inauguration. Will you dance with me then?” – Jo Gook

“In this world, do you know what is so difficult that you might fail even if you die trying? It is the act of giving someone your heart. But do you know what is even more difficult to deal with than that? It is when you give someone your heart, and nothing is returned to you.” – Mi Rae

“After you hoped and hoped that my heart would be torn to pieces, are you satisfied now, you son of a bitch!?” – Mi Rae

“I thought so too, but… as it turns out, I was underneath the biggest umbrella in the world the entire time. Spring, summer, autumn and winter… all rolled into one rainy day, and I was all alone getting hit by all the rain in the world. Thank you, for keeping me so dry the entire time.” – Mi Rae

“I… admit defeat. I beg you not to touch that person any more. That person, she has many dreams, and for her dreams to come true, I beg you, please, leave her alone from now on.” – Jo Gook

“You want me to just forget you? You want me to just eat well and live well from now on? Don’t even dream of that happening.” – Mi Rae

“I’m not letting go of you. Until I breathe my last breath, I’m not sending you out of my heart. You can go if you wish. But even after you leave me, no matter where you go, no matter where you live or who you are with, you will always have two homes.” – Mi Rae

“Because in here. Inside my heart here… you have a room. In this room, you and I will grow old together. And I will never let you go. Just thought you should know.” – Mi Rae