Cinderella’s Sister quotes

“Your enemy is not her. Make it on your own. And what you make on your own, protect it. If you don’t do that, then you have nothing to say even if it’s taken away from you.” – Ki Hoon

“This house is…arduous. Don’t give your heart to me. If you’ve given it, take it back. I’m an unbelievably horrible person. How awful… you can’t even imagine. If you knew the thoughts I live with every day, you wouldn’t want to look at me even for a second. For now I’m stuck because of my mother but I will leave. Whether I repay my debt to you or marry that man my lab sunbae wants me to meet, I will leave. So don’t dote on me. I’m not the kind of kid who will stay here forever, thankful for your grace, just because you trust in me.” – Eun-jo

“Don’t talk so sweetly to me. I’m not very smart so it really, really confuses me. If I think about it, from the day you came here, till the day you officially rejected me… while you were scolding me for being childish, telling me not to lean on you… you were exactly as sweet to me as you’ve always been. Even if the world crumbles, the feeling that if I held onto you everything would be okay… you did that. You pushed me off the edge of a cliff, and then you’re being sweet to me again — you can’t do that.” – Hyo-sun

“It hurts when I don’t see him, and when I do. It hurts whether he’s here, or whether he’s not. Hurts whether he smiles at me, or smiles at someone else. Hurts whether he calls my name, or doesn’t. As long as I don’t disappear into the earth, I think I’ll continue to feel hurt, Jung-woo, but still, being here is better. Being able to see him and hate him is better than him not being here.” – Eun-jo

“I like you so much, so what can I do? Even if you get mad at me, scold me, are ashamed of me, don’t think I’m good enough, ignore me, scornfully laugh at me, whether you think I’m an embarrassment and put me down… but I like you so much. What do I do then?” – Hyo-sun

“Reduce your speed, drive slowly… I won’t chase after you. I won’t try to grab on to you. Even when you ask me to grab on to you, I won’t. So you don’t have to flee like that.” – Ki Hoon

“Listen carefully to what I tell you. No matter where you end up or where you live, I will come find you and take care of you for the rest of your life.” – Woo Jung

“If the world were square, it’d be easy to run away… but why in the world it has to be circular? There’s no way out. No matter how much we run, we will always wind up returning home…” – Ki Hoon