Birdie Buddy quotes

“You’re a bad disciple. You make all the decisions on your own.” – John
“You’re going to have an upset stomach. If you eat spicy stuff because you’re upset, then you’ll get diarrhoea.” – Mi Soo

“What’s the point of a present for an old person that may die. Just bring cash next time.” – Teach

“I’ve never dreamed of such a tragedy… and I’m not influential enough to plan this. I only wanted to say goodbye face to face with Hae Ryung.” – Joon Mo

“Look here. I wore a maternity belt for 8 months in order to protect that child. Avoiding my father and mother. Even after having her at a foreign countryside I still had to remain in hiding. I hid in an unknown condo with that child for 10 months. Without Jung Ran, we both may have starved to death. I avoided my father who wanted to send her far away. I fed her, bathed her and soothed her on my own. In that stuffy condo room. That’s how I spent 10 months. After my father promised not to touch my daughter. That was when I re-entered this world. That’s how I protected her.” – Sae Hwa

“I really want to do well at this upcoming match! I’m going to try really really hard! Because it may be my dad’s first memory of a match. I really want to win.” – Mi Soo

“I thought about resting. But I definitely want to play now that I know John Lee and Sung Mi Soo are going to be there.” – Hae Ryung

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just worried. It’s the first time I’ve see Teach like that. He said he had two regrets… once, 20 years ago. And once when you hurt your wrist. He said he didn’t ever want to regret again. I wonder what that means.” – Mi Soo

“It’s been so long since you last saw each other. She could at least smile.” – Mi Soo
“Say a miracle happened and you could pull stars from the sky. Even if that happened there’s no way I would give up a game for you.” – Mi Soo

“I must have been Cinderella. It was nice… I was so happy… I guess it’s already midnight.” – Mi Soo

“Don’t mess with my kids again. I will look past it once because I do believe its my fault. But if you touch my kids one more time, then you’ll be in danger too.” – Fabian

“You have to drink when it’s hard dealing with things when you’re sober.” – Hae Ryung

“What love is to me… is his happiness. I’m not like you where I fall in love so I can be happy. All I need is for him to be smiling.” – Mi Soo

“I finally learned that doing what I want isn’t love. I don’t want to hurt him again by acting childish.” – Hae Ryung

“I worry and I wonder. And when I’m with her I’m happy. This is probably what love is. But I believe there is only one love. It would be nice if there was one more… but there is only one. I think I was giving that love to Hae Ryung before she even matured.” – John

“I wouldn’t care if he lost both his legs and was in a wheelchair. But if he’s having a hard time… then I won’t see him.” – Hae Ryung

“All I want is for everyone to finally be able to like their life smiling.” – Mi Soo

A long time ago, there were lovers that lived on the opposite ends of a river. They promised to meet when the camellia flowers bloomed. But it rained so much the boat couldn’t cross the river. So the two couldn’t meet, even though the camellia flowers had all bloomed. Lets meet again. Before the camellia flowers wilt.” – John

“Some birdies were about a family with hardships. Other days, birdie was a selfless teacher. And birdie from before is my first love.” – Mi Soo

“I can’t promise that I’ll allow her to live like a princess. I can’t even lie that I won’t make her work. But, I won’t make her cry because we don’t have money to live and eat. I won’t make her cry because I’m sick either. I can promise that I won’t make her cry over little things.” – Tae Gab

“Every morning I look in the mirror and make a promise to myself. To stop acting like this today. That Mi Soo is a good friend. That John only loves me. But it doesn’t work that well. I feel like I’m going crazy if John even smiles at Mi Soo. Even when they sit across from one another! I really feel like I’m going to die.” – Hae Ryung

“Honestly, I don’t want to worry about the trivial feelings here. I have nothing and I still have a far way to go. There’s no time for me to hesitate. The people around me force me to hesitate.” – Mi Soo

“Instead of an elegant warning, you need to bring a strong deal. That’s the only way you’ll gain what you want.” – Jay Park