Absolute Darling quotes

“But I feel that an imperfect love is the most authentic. Even if two persons are in love with each other, mistakes will be made, upsetting both parties. Love throws a lot of obstacles at once. However, if two hold hands and overcome these obstacles together, forgive each other, and go to the extent of changing for the other person, that is the perfection in an imperfect love.” – Zhong Shi

“I just don’t understand. I’m a robot, but I’m willing to believe in humans. You, on the other hand, are a human, but you aren’t willing to believe in humans.” – Nai Te

“But you’re really foolish! If I could change even my sexual orientation for you, why would I mind the scars on your back?” – Sky

“Fireflies emit light because they’re looking for their other half. If I were to translate this light into words, it would mean ‘Will you marry me?’. It’s what I wish to say to you. I don’t want to run away anymore. You may think that I’m silly or naive, but I’m really sincere. Xiao Fei, please marry me.” – Zhong Shi

“You’ve never let go of my hand. Whenever I got into trouble, you’d always guide me towards the right path. But…it’s about time I changed. I can’t keep relying on you. You may think that it’s not love between Nai Te and me, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t give any thought to it.” – Xiao Fei

“If you truly love Xiao Fei, the more you understand humans, the more helpless you’ll feel. In the end, you’ll discover that no matter how human-like you become, you can never truly become a human being.” – Zhong Shi

“Tell me, would you be able to date a robot? Sky and I are just like a human with a robot. Robots and humans may look similar on the outside, but they can never become a couple.” – Zhi Xi

“Always, the person in front of me who keeps pulling my hands, would definitely want to take me back to the normal road now. Should I just forever hold his hands till the very end?” – Xiao Fei

“Let’s play a game, okay? Clasp your hands like this and pull your fingers apart one by one. Your thumbs represents your parents. Your pointers are your siblings. Your pinkies are your future children, and your ring fingers are your future other half; you can never be separated.” – Nai Te

“You’ve switched to Korean now. I watch Korean dramas, so I understand what you said. You said you’re alright!” – Xiao Fei

“I know, the temperature I’m feeling right now, is generated by electricity; the skin that I’m touching, the chest that I’m leaning on, the lukewarm breath, are all mechanisms, but to me, I don’t care what he is. Nai Te is Nai Te.” – Xiao Fei

“It’s okay if I can’t speak Chinese. Instead I’ve figured that even if I can’t go back to normal, I can still tell you that I love you. I will love you forever.” – Nai Te

“Meeting for the first time, please give me guidance, my dear.” – Nai Te

“I am your perfect darling.” – Nai Te

“This Miss Guan Xiao Fei… there’s clearly already such a good man by her side, why did she even bother ordering Nai Te from our company?” – Wu Wu

“When you encounter difficulties, the first person who emerges in your mind is your true lover.” – Zhi Xi