A Gentleman’s Dignity quotes

“There are only two reasons why a woman doesn’t pick up her phone. She either likes him too much or hates him too much.” – Se Ah

“Just because you tape it back, does a pictures that’s been cut once become uncut? It just becomes more tattered. If you retrieve your feelings, does it mean you never gave them? That’s a lie.” – Me Ah Ri

“‘I’m going to start a one-sided love.’ – I got butterflies in my stomach when you said that. When I saw my picture in your wallet – my heart fluttered. When you said ‘Can you love me?’ – I wavered. In front of the restaurant, when you said you need to let me go. I was afraid for the first time. If this person doesn’t like me, what do I do?” – Yi Soo

“The two black lines on the armband means that they’re the deceased’s family. One line means they are either friends or acquaintances. One line of the arm, one line on the heart. The bastards who stood by my side with two lines, they’ll be the hardest farewells I’ll have to make in my life, and they’re the luckiest fortune I’ve met in my lifetime.” – Yoon

“On that day, we couldn’t reach the conclusion whose hero is the strongest. And today when we are 41 years old, we can protect neither the Earth nor the women we love. We are now just the anti-heroic men, struggling with everyday life. Those boys wo wanted to become heroes… where did they all go? Whose heroes can we become at the end?” – Do Jin

“I love you, Im Meahri. I’m sorry because you suffered alone. For admitting it so late, I am sorry. You aren’t going anywhere now. I am not letting you go anywhere.” – Yoon

“You will be happy. Will it satisfy you if I say again I will keep a promise I made before? Tomorrow you will be happier than today, the day after tomorrow you will be happier than tomorrow. I promise you.” – Do Jin

“I’ve thought about it more than a thousand times. It was a thousand times worse, so I suppressed it, I suppressed it to death. The moment that I heard that Meahri was leaving, I thought the world was ending because at that moment, I was full of regret. I was avoiding, not thinking, and pretending it wasn’t what my heart was hoping for earlier. I’m sorry, because I’ve made Meahri cry so many times. I’ll do well. I’ll take care of her forever. Tae-sang, this is my first and last request of you. Just this once, forgive me.” – Yoon

“The next time she comes back, no matter what she says, listen to her well. If she cries, give her a handkerchief and wait until she’s done crying. If she curses me, curse with her. And if by any chance she asks about me, tell her that I’m sorry.” – Do Jin

“To me, my feelings and pride are important. Although I like you it’s not enough to be used like that.” – Do Jin

“I miss her, but I don’t want to see her.” – Do Jin

“When you come to me, wear these. On a good day, prettily.” – Do Jin

“What I want from you, those are just things like this. Not hot things, but warm things.” – Mi Sook

“Men only know if you tell them. Even though you probably want them to just know, they won’t.” – Do Jin

“Boys don’t mature. They just age. But aged boys know… to flow with a different destination, and to shine with different color.” – Do Jin

“There’s something I learned in life. You can never know when happiness is coming. But you can tell when sadness is about to come.” – Yi Soo