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  • Arashi says:

    “Your major leagues is what you are doing in. Do what makes your heart pound.” – Dong Man ( Fight My Way)

    “If I have to do it in one point, I don’t want to be a coward and delay it. I want to do it in one go.” Sul Hee (Fight My Way)

    “I’ve been living my life with my head down, and now my heart finally racing again. Can’t you give me your trust?” Dong Man (Fight My Way)

    “Fight! Take Challenge. Even if you got beaten up, live the life you want, okay? I got your back, so fly high!” Dong Man’s Father (Fight My Way)

    “I treated you the best I could, so now I have no regret.” Sul Hee (Fight My Way)

    “You thought I will always be here so you thought its okay if you let go of my hand for a moment, but cheating is cheating. No matter how big it is. It is either you were or you weren’t.” – Sul Hee (Fight My Way)

    “You’re all smart and live the life you want. It’s okay if I just focus to my family. That doesn’t make me less great than you are.” – Sul Hee (Fight My Way)

    “I won’t lose you again. Let’s stop taking detour.” Dong Man (Fight My Way)

  • Mel says:

    “I love you and I will never get tired of understanding you” – Agnes (Forevermore)

    “Thank you for giving me the chance to love you” – Xander (Forevermore)

    “You have no idea how many times you saved me” – Xander (Forevermore)

    “There’s no more us right? You’ve already buried it and I have moved on” – Xander (Forevermore)

    “Don’t let your anger define you” – Xander (Forevermore)

    “Instead of trying to forget those memories, why don’t you make new ones?” – Jay (Forevermore)

    “I love you Agnes and I hope I can be a part of your life for good” – Xander (Forevermore)

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