New quotes – Arang and the Magistrate, Big, Fated To Love You…

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Dramas in this post: Arang and the Magistrate, Big, Fated To Love You, Love Rain, Miss No Good, Nice Guy, Reply 1997, Rooftop Prince, To The Beautiful You

Arang and the Magistrate
“Memory? Yeah, there’s one thing I do remember. That terrifying horror in the moment of Lee Seo-rim’s death — I remembered that! Even if the truth of my death lies there, right now I’m so scared I can’t go. When I want to know, I’ll go. Not you! When I want to know! That’s when I’ll go! But that’s not now.” — Arang
“Till now I lived… thinking that being a man was all about being strong. But that wasn’t so. An ordinary man uses his strength for a woman… but a real man uses his heart for a woman.” – Dol Sue
“If I want to hug you, I’ll hug you. If I want to hold you, I’ll hold you.” – Eun Oh

“Even if you say that you erased it, it doesn’t go away that easily. Love doesn’t remain in memories… it remains in the heart.” – Choong Sik
“Teacher Gil, you are not mine, but even if I disappear, can you retain the memory of my existence? Please don’t erase me away.” – Kyung Joon

Fated To Love You
“Then who do you wish I am?” – Cun Xi

Love Rain
““Okay, let’s be a family. It’ll be fitting, since being a family has always brought me pain.” – Suh Joon
“It’s not like that for me. I still like you. So I’m going to do this until I hate you. It may take a long time, so you should be prepared.” – Ha Na
“I was taking a picture of the Diamond Snow behind you! Who are you to come into my piece and ruin my art?” – Suh Joon
“Like I said… let’s say I took a picture of the Madison Count bridge. If a duck that happened to be floating there is in the picture, do I have to ask for the duck’s approval then? If I took a picture of the sky and a butterfly was in it, do I have to ask for the butterfly’s approval?” – Suh Joon
“Yes, Suh Joon, you have something called a family inheritance, but I have something called a family debt!” – Jo Soo
“From the moment I first saw you, my scenery has been you.” – In Ha

Miss No Good
“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what flavor you’ll get.” – Xiao Hua

Nice Guy
“That was my first kiss. The one that we had by Hirosaki Castle. From someone… it was also the first time I told someone ‘I love you’ with all my heart. It was the first time in my twenty-nine years of life. ‘I love you, Seo Eun-ki.’ I heard that kind of heart-thumping confession for the first time because of you. Because of the guy named Kang Maru, waking up, breathing, living… those things felt wondrous for the very first time. So… My only wish now is to be able to see you every day, to say ‘I love you’ every day, to hear you tell me you love me every day, to dream the same dream, to give birth to children, to raise them, and to grow old with you. Is that possible?” – Eun Ki
“If I love them, do I have to have them?” – Sang Yeob
“It’s not like you can take the money with you when you die.” – Jae Sik
“Love can make unbelievable miracles happen.” – Secretary Suh

Reply 1997
“Let’s find you can do, not what you want to do.” – Tae Woong
“If you meet someones who likes you, it’s painless and saves time.” – Tae Woong

Rooftop Prince
“As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever.” – Park Ha
“This thing called thinking, just as you think of it, the more you think of it, the best thinking can be not to think of it.” – Chi San

To The Beautiful You
“It was probably really hard for her and she probably had no one to talk to about it with. But that I didn’t know anything like a fool and that I couldn’t help her at all… makes me angry. But that it was all for someone else and not me… makes me really angry. But the thing that angers me the most… is the me who won’t be able to forgive her in the end. I’m angry at myself.” – Eun Kyul


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