Wild Romance quotes

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

thanks to goliath1357

“I think that’s why I was even more obsessed with you. I didn’t want to forget you. I didn’t want that feeling to change. I didn’t want to admit that it changed. For a very long time, I missed you. But I think that was all for us.” — Mu Yeol

“Do you think a person becomes lovely because she is loved, or a person is loved because she is lovely?” – Eun Jae

“A witch was once a princess. A princess’s love is a fairy tale, but a witch’s love is a curse. Tell him I’m sorry… for loving him.” — Sun Hee

“I didn’t come here to drink tea. Miss Dong Ah, I came to seduce you.” – Director

“If there’s a destiny to meet someone, I bet there’s a destiny to break up too.” – Jong Hee

“Even if he had a past, I wouldn’t want to know about it. Even if it’s a lie, I want him to say I’m his first and last love.” – Eun Jae

“She’s not Voldemort. You can say her name.” – Chang Ho

“If the old cat dies, I will have to get a new one. If the paintings get ruined, I will have to paint new ones. If you break up with someone you love, you just have to see someone else.” – Jong Hee

“If I had to say if I loved you or not, I still do. I didn’t know who I’d meet and how much I’d love her, but I didn’t think I could ever love anyone as much as I loved you. I didn’t think that would ever change.” – Mu Yeol

“Because I’m an idiot, I’m going to misunderstand things if you keep doing this.” – Eun Jae

“Just need to check and see whether or not you are a robot.” – Dong Ah

“If destiny does exist… my destiny would be you…” – Eun Jae

“When you’re facing death, his true heart will show. The one he truly loves will die. The one who is loved less will live.” – Sun Hee



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