New quotes – Protect The Boss, Rooftop Prince, Save The Last Dance For Me…

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Dramas in this post: Protect The Boss, Rooftop Prince, Save The Last Dance For Me, Snow White, Something Happened In Bali, Spring Waltz, Stairway To Heaven, The King 2 Hearts, The Moon Embraces The Sun, Winter Sonata, Wonderful Life

Protect The Boss
“No Eun Sol, after we get married, let’s continue to be in love…” – Ji Heon

Rooftop Prince
“Even after 300 years I’ll still be loving you.” – Park Ha
“A human being may lose his memories, but not his ability.” – Tae Mu
“Do you know how much I looked for you? Writing a measly letter and not being reachable by phone, are you planning to kill me out of shock? Why are you rendering me to such a state? Why did you make me like this? My heart felt as if it’s shriveled up all day yesterday, and my heart was racing and felt as if it was going to explode and I felt so exasperated, and I felt asphyxiated even when I was breathing and seriously thought I was going to go crazy! Despite how much I shouted and stomped my feet, it didn‘t make me feel better, even in the slightest! But now, after seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday. I like you.” – Lee Gak

Save The Last Dance For Me
“Even though things are difficult for everyone right now, it’ll be alright in no time. We’ve gotten over harder times. This is nothing.” – Eun Soo
“You foolish girl. You think I’d leave you? You think I’d let you go as you please? You think I’d let you hurt alone?” – Hyun Woo
“I’ll hold your hand for life. I’ll save the last dance for you. I won’t let go of your hand again… forever.” – Hyun Woo
“It doesn’t matter what his reason is, I’m scared that I will not be able to forgive him.” – Hyun Woo
“If my memory doesn’t return, no even if my memory does return and I return to my unfamiliar reality, I’ll love you and be with you forever… I promise.” – Hyun Woo
“You should be smiling like this… and lose all forgotten memories. That’s the way you should live.” – Eun Soo
“There are those people who love only once in their lives. Maybe I am one of them.” – Eun Soo
“Now I understand how lonely and cold it must have felt for Eun Soo when I was missing.” – Hyun Woo
“Stupid. I will always love you no matter what, even if you are in a wheelchair.” – Hyun Woo
“When you love a person secretly, it could be as if in heaven if you are not greedy. Yet, if you are greedy, it could be like hell.” – Hyun Woo

Snow White
“You asked me why I’m being a fool? I used to think that Jin-woo will always be by my side. Although there are lots of women around him, I’ve always believed he’ll come back to me someday. I believed that, because he never really left me. But now he’s getting married. I don’t know what I should do. It’s like how the moon orbits the Earth. I’m the moon. I can’t change my orbiting path.” – Young Hee

Something Happened In Bali
“I want to make you feel good. I want to make you happy. And I want to make you laugh. That’s what I think about every day. But I know in reality it’s the opposite. You get beaten up because of me all the time. You get kicked out and you cry… and that drives me crazy.” – Jae Min

Spring Waltz
“I should never have learned Korean. I wish I didn’t know what Eun Young was saying… what she’s thinking… it would be a lot harder to know it and not be able to respond… but I don’t know. Whether it’s in English, German or Korean, I think we’ll be able to understand each other. I think there are just some things that you don’t need language for… laughter, a heart. I like Korea. It’s been difficult. It’s taught me a lot of things. All the people I care about are here… my mom, Eun Young and my best friend.” – Phillip

Stairway To Heaven
“Heaven… a place where there is neither sufferings, sadness nor separation. Now we climb the stairways to heaven one step by one step and when we ascend, we will live.” – Jung Suh
“If you said left, then I’d be on the left. If you said right, I’d be on the right. The important thing is not which side, but it’s the trust. Your heart and mine will never change. That kind of trust!” – Song Joo

The King 2 Hearts
“What is there to like about a powerless king? There was a time I was shaken – when you said you’d resign, when you said you couldn’t send me here. But that was all. You didn’t blame anyone else or lie down in defeat. When it was a 99% improbable reality, you plotted and schemed to find that remaining one percent. I didn’t serve you because you were the king. I served you because even in the pit of despair, you did not give up.” – Shi Kyung

The Moon Embraces The Sun
“Today, the two can finally become one.” – Hwon

Winter Sonata
“Let’s not turn back and look at each other after this – I do not wish to remember your shadow as the last memory of you I had.” – Yoo Jin

Wonderful Life
“You said when you truly love someone, you become scared and weak. You were right. I was a coward. But that wasn’t all. When you love someone, you become brave.” – Seung Wan
“An expiration date for a relationship is dependent on how many secrets the couple shares and how much they trust each other with those secrets.” – Chae Young
“We grown-ups sometimes hide our feelings and say things we don’t mean. That’s why we have misunderstandings and get jealous and suspicious.” – Seung Wan
“There’s no one that’s truly happy. The doctor that once dreamed of being a singer, the lawyer that dreamed of being an artist, the janitor that dreamed of being an actor, a mother that dreamed of being a diplomat, a pilot that dreamed of marrying the woman he loved. Life doesn’t go the way you dreamed it would, but still we have to go on, right? And if so, shouldn’t we at least try to be happy? Try to love? Couldn’t we work at it? Couldn’t we just love each other? It’s too hard without love, taking responsibility, raising a baby, having patience, it’s all too hard without love. Let’s just try to love each other… please.” – Se Jin

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