New quotes – All About Eve, Dream High, Full House…

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Thanks to the people who submitted.

Dramas in this post: All About Eve, Dream High, Full House, Hana Kimi (Taiwan), Hot Shot, Hotelier, Let’s Go To The Beach, Lie To Me, Loveholic, Lovers, Majo no Jouken, My Lovely Sam Soon, Playful Kiss, Queen In Hyun’s Man

All About Eve
“No one can live alone. In one way or another, we give other people trouble or receive help.” –Hyung Chul
“Smile. You have a beautiful smile. I want to remember it. I’ll use my eyes to capture this moment. Now give me a smile.” – Hyung Chul
“Someone who works only for the money will give you trouble one day because of money.” – Sun Mi
“If you want to return to my side, just walk towards me. Whenever I think you have taken a step forward, you step back again. Interesting. However it can be tiring too. I hope you will stop making me feel tired.” – Hyung Chul
“In the painful months after we parted, the sense of hopelessness invaded my heart. It was after we met that I realized every little thing that happened in the world mattered to me. I was grateful to be born into this world. My heart that loved you deeply too loved the world which you live in. When I saw a flower by the roadside, I’d be reminded of the days when I had you. I put my head on your shoulder on a certain day. The setting sun that disappeared in the far end of the sea. Our love was so sweet. This spring could be a spring we spent apart. It would be the most painful spring my motherland had seen. May happiness always be with you. Farewell.” – Sun Mi
“From now on, you can only think of me and love me. I’ll do likewise. I didn’t bother much about you recently because I was exhausted. But I won’t leave you alone anymore. In future, I will never allow you to break up with me again. I promise.” – Hyung Chul

Dream High
“When the victory isn’t applauded by their friends, at times when they are happy and they can’t even smile, their hearts have already become empty.” – Sam Dong

Full House
“How are you going to protect me? Do you even know what it means to protect someone? You think giving a crying person ice-cream is a way of comforting or protecting them? You don’t even know anything! You don’t know how to love someone, you don’t know how to show love, and you don’t know what it means to protect someone. You hurt people without realizing it.” – Ji Eun

Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
“I am your No.1 fan!” – Rui Xi

Hot Shot
“Is your Chinese better than mine?” – Da Ying

“Their incompatible appearances have actually made them more compatible. Some people said that when a couple comes together, they will compliment each others shortcomings.” – Dong Hyuk
“Hey boss, love is like wine. The stronger it is, the worse the headache. It upsets even the stomach. But no matter how strong it is… it’ll eventually be cleared from the system.” – Leo

Let’s Go To The Beach
“You may spare your ‘I Love You’s’, but don’t spare your heart.” – Mi Ja

Lie To Me
“She is sloppy, careless, and has many flaws here and there, but she is so honest and innocent like she‘s still a kid.” – Ki Joon

“I pray not for forgiveness, but for permission to return to your side.” – Yool Joo

“I’m not superman who saves both Earth and the girl.” – Kang Jae

Majo no Jouken
“Is loving a 17 year old boy an illness? If it is then I’ll keep the illness. I don’t have to be cured.” – Michi

My Lovely Sam Soon
“Things shine at first and then as time goes by they tend to fade away and eventually it’s just not there anymore. I think I used to shine… but after all the medication, I just don’t think I shine anymore…” – Hee Jin
“The things you had known in the past, you forgot all of that in the last three years. While you were forgetting those things… I changed, too. Let’s end it.” – Hee Jin
“I thought we had trust between us. Even though I didn’t get one phone call… you said you’d wait for me. I thought you would really wait for me. I thought time would be the cure to heal our love but it was the disease that killed it.” – Hee Jin
“Have you noticed that everyone else in the world seems to be moving forward and yet you seem to be stuck in the past. You’re like a frozen clock, do you want me to change your batteries? What kind do you take Alkaline, Cadmium, Energizer?” – Henry

Playful Kiss
“In this world I probably know best. The person I like doesn’t look at me but looks at someone else, smiles for someone else. I really know how you’re feeling. And I can’t truthfully be jealous either. I think if two people naturally like each other, it’s almost like a miracle. Someday, will that miracle come true for me too?” – Ha Ni
“You are my life’s navigation. You guide me through the road I have to take. Please let me know about life’s directions, speed and locations.” – Seung Jo

Queen In Hyun’s Man
“It’s been unfair for me to suffer, so I was going to slap you when we met again, but now that you’re crying, I can’t even scold you. You’re such a player. A natural born player.” – Hee Jin


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