New quotes – Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Love Rain…

May 5, 2012 § 4 Comments

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Dramas in this post: Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Love Rain, Rooftop Prince, The King 2 Hearts

Boys Over Flowers
“This teacup, it looks really weak, doesn’t it? But it’s actually stronger than it appears. How long do you think it took for it to become like this? Turned upside down, stepped on, cut over and over again, and it needs to withstand 1300 degrees of heat. That’s not the end. And when you go through all of that, and it still can’t be yours, you must completely give it up. Like this. *smashes teacup* What I’m saying is that in order to become strong, and to find out what truly belongs to you, there will be a process you must overcome.” – Yi Jung

Dream High
“From now on, if you know you’re wrong, then apologize. Don’t get angry.” – Jin Gook

Love Rain
“I’m sorry for not having any common sense. But even if I may be easy, I can’t play around. Because I’ve never been tired before since I’m old fashioned and innocent.” – Ha Na
“You said you could make someone fall in love in 3 seconds right? But you will never get me because from now on I won’t even look at you for 1 second.” – Ha Na

Rooftop Prince
“Even if you didn’t come to meet me, I’m just going to like you.” – Park Ha
“As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever.” – Park Ha
“Don’t cry, you will have good memories from now on.” – Lee Gak

The King 2 Hearts
“Identity? Are you asking about my identity? I am just a woman with one man deeply rooted in my heart.” – Hang Ah
“I believe you. Even if there is a 1 in 10 million chance that you had any connection to this to the extent that I would want to kill you with my own hands. I trust you.” – Jae Ha
“There is no limit to childishness, if a person starts attacking the other one, they just strike back. Your weak point? Secret? They won’t avoid it, and instead try to hurt you with it. So the reason you’re fighting is totally lost. They’ll just start thinking about how to hurt the other person most, so much that they’ll cry out in pain.” – Yang Sun
“We argue a lot recently. It was like that from the very beginning. He said I wasn’t a woman to him from the very first sight. He said that unexpectedly. After I heard it, I was so upset; I treated him roughly and fought against him. Now that I think about it, that’s when I began to love him.” – Hang Ah
“People think fondly of their first love and want to remember it forever. But I don’t know – I just want to forget it. She only cared about my royal title. Other kids, too. I gave up right then and there. This is how things are. This is what people and the world are like. I gave up and I enjoyed it. Even when I met a good person once in a while, just to there, I’d draw the line, and not trust. But living that way… a person grows so lonely.” – Jae Ha
“Do you remember when we looked at the shooting star together? That time… I wasn’t looking at the shooting star. You were shining more brightly than the stars. You’re still beautiful now.” – Shi Kyung


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