New quotes – Dream High, Fashion King, Love Rain…

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Dramas in this post: Dream High, Fashion King, Love Rain, The King 2 Hearts

Dream High
“Music is the most common language in the world.” – Teacher Kang

Fashion King
“If it wasn’t for him, I would have not even been able to go. But he found me and came to where I was… how desperate must he have been to come to me. He, just like me, has no one else in this world to lean on. If it were you… the person who gifted me with the most precious time of my life, could you have ignored that person?” – Ga Young
“You’re trash! I can’t believe I considered you a human being. I must be the crazy one.” – Anna

Love Rain
“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” – In Ha
“Love comes from the heart.” – In Ha
“Love never says sorry.” – Yoon Hee
“The reason people have two arms is for them to hug the people that they love.” – Yoon Hee
“I don’t want you to get any misunderstandings. Those paintings don’t mean anything. They were just sceneries for me. You just happened to be in the scenery that I was going to paint on that day.” – In Ha
“I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her, or how much that it hurt me to leave her. The watercolour twilight dusk was ending.” – In Ha
“I realise I didn’t like you. I just wanted to meet someone that understood me. I didn’t know that you were speaking from the diary. I had mistaken it for love.” – Yoon Hee
“The scenery with love is always beautiful. But just because love is beautiful, does not mean that it’s always happy.” – Yoon Hee
“Love always has two different faces of sadness and happiness.” – Yoon Hee
“Perhaps the reason memories of youth are always in watercolor, is because it ends before it can be put in more vivid colors.” – In Ha

The King 2 Hearts
“Someone will be watching. If you skip training, I’ll break you into pieces.” – Hang Ah
“Those men need to have their eyes checked. In my eyes, you’re a woman. You’re charming and lovable.” – Jae Ha
“I really don’t feel anything when it comes to you. This is a military. I should be feeling something if anything with a skirt goes by… but there’s nothing. Your hand? It might as well be a steering wheel of a car. At least a wheel vibrates when you step on it. But this is just… a hand. Even if you were to come out of a shower, I’d think, must be clean now. The conclusion… you’re not a woman.” – Jae Ha
“Tell yourself that it’s just the two of us running, and calm yourself down. Let the tension go, relax your body completely. Knees together, feet brushing against each other. Minimal movement with the arms. Ride with the rhythm.” – Hang Ah


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