The Moon That Embraces The Sun quotes

February 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

This post will be continually updated until this drama finishes airing! Updated 18/3

“Before it’s too late, I wanted to say this. Thank you. For saving me, thank you. For taking me in, for raising me, for protecting me, thank you. For the last eight years… for being my mother… thank you.” – Yeon Woo

“You were the one who gave me a name. From that day until this very moment… even though I know I shouldn’t… I kept you in my lowly heart.” – Seol

“I plan to hold a hunt – for those who conspired to kill that child, for those who used her death to cling to power, for those who sacrificed the lives of the innocent. Those ministers, who placed themselves before this nation and it’s citizens. For all of them, we must capture them in one sweep.” – Hwon

“Once, I resented you for having everything. And so, I even desired your throne. But my friends and you, my brother, were too precious to me, to take that place from you. Be a strong ruler, and protect this nation’s people alongside her. I will watch over you from that place.” – Yang Myung

“You’re silly for being jealous of yourself, but to fall in love with the same woman twice, I must not be normal myself.” – Hwon

“Your father is very sorry for everything. I can only remember things I should be sorry about… if I had known it was going to be like this, I would have let you read all the books you wanted. And done all the things you wanted. I thought that we had plenty of years to come… so foolish of me.” – Young Jae

“A tree desires to stand still but the wind never ceases. What else can I do? It is best to avoid it before it’s broken or chopped off.” – Yang Myung

“Because I didn’t want to know. If I could, I wanted to pretend till the end. You, coming back from the dead – at times it made me so happy I couldn’t stand it. But then on the other side, I knew that the moment I acknowledged it, everything would float away like a mirage.” – Yang Myung

“In the last life, I was that child’s person. In this life… can you not stay by my side?” – Yang Myung

“Can only Your Majesty’s heart be hurt? Does that mean my heart is worthless? Your Majesty was my first love. Losing the one you love brings so much pain, Your Majesty should know that better than anyone else. So why must you be so cruel?” – Queen

“Until I can figure out this confusion, until I know what these feelings are… don’t you dare go far from me.” – Lee Hwon

“From now on, I won’t live for the sake of others. I will smile if I want to and I will get angry if I want to, and I will steal if I want to. That is how I’m going to live.” – Yang Myung & Jan Shil

“When I say I’ll forget her, I miss her, and when I miss her, I quickly forget – that is the human heart. I didn’t want to miss her or forget her, so the only thing I left in my heart is the reminder that she is no longer in this world.” – Yang Myung

“If I can do something helpful in spite of my lack of skill — if I could ease his pain just a little…” – Wol

“Though you have eyes, you are not allowed to see. Though you have a mouth, you cannot speak a word. You must rise from his bedside before he awakens. You are the closest person to him, but cannot meet.” – Nok Young

“For the first time, I was glad to be a shaman. Would it be wrong for me to say that I consider it fortunate that I could be by your side and be of help to you?” – Wol

“It’s time that you let go of the one you keep in your heart. Empty a place in your heart for someone new. Don’t struggle to cover the truth with laughter anymore. Isn’t it too painful a thing to live your life in disguise while lying to your heart?” – Wol

“I can’t be the owner of those memories, can I? No matter how much I resemble her, I can’t become her, can I?” – Wol

“If I hadn’t disguised it as a joke… if I’d had more courage and held out my hand… if I had shown my true feelings and asked her to run away… would she be with me now?” – Yang Myung

“A tree desires to stand still, but the wind never ceases. In the end, the wind will bend and break the tree.” – Lady Park



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