New quotes – Honey & Clover (Japan), Hungry!, Stolen Happiness…

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Dramas in this post: Honey & Clover (Japan), Hungry!, Stolen Happiness, The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Honey & Clover (Japan)
“Hearing the voice I yearned for, somehow my heart ached a bit. I was so close to her, but for some reason, she seemed very far away.” – Takemoto
“Even though it’s right in front of you, there’s something you can’t have. No matter how much you reach out your hand, there’s something that you can never touch. Even though you can’t obtain it, is there a light at the end of the path if you continue to search? – Takemoto

“I have a dream. My dream is to move someone’s heart with something I make, to make the people I love smile. I might not be able to make this dream of mine come true with music. But I will make it happen in this very restaurant.” – Eisuke

Stolen Happiness
”What things do you wanted me also to be blamed off? The floods happening in the world? The price inflation of the crude oil? The killings in the street? Go! Blame it all on me! But you cannot change the truth that your child died while you were running away from Jonas. Your child died because of your stupidity. You cannot hurt me anymore. I don’t want this kind of confrontation. We went here to sympathize but I was wrong. You are not worthy of any clemency. You don’t deserve it.” – Ellery

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
“Did you think that I was the only one who saw it? Did you think that it will end when you get rid of me? You’re gravely wrong about that. The moon in the sky is watching you. That person’s blood isn’t the only thing that has soaked in your blade that night. There’s also the moonlight from that night. Just wait and see. All your evil deeds will be revealed under the moonlight one day. One day, that moonlight, will end your pathetic life!” – Ari
“It is said that in the beginning, there were two suns and two moons. But day was too hot, and night too cold. All of creation was thrown into chaos, and the people in misery. It was then that a hero appeared and shot one sun and one moon out of the sky with arrows, and brought peace to the world.” – Queen Dowager
“A nobleman should not blame all faults and wrongs on others. Furthermore, a farmer doesn’t blame that the ground isn’t fertile, and a musician doesn’t blame the instrument. The problem is with the owner, it doesn’t depend on the target.” – Yeon Woo


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