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Dramas in this post: A Thousand Days’ Promise, Baby-Faced Beauty, Birdie Buddy, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Heartstrings, I Love You, Lie To Me, Man of Honor, Me Too Flower!, Miss Ripley, Muscle Girl!, My Lover My Wife, My Princess, Personal Taste, Protect the Boss, Secret Garden, Shining Inheritance, Shinzanmono, Style, Sweet Buns, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, The Empress, The Musical, You’re Beautiful

A Thousand Days’ Promise
“I didn’t want to not do anything and regret for the rest of my life. I still don’t think that it was a mistake. I don’t think I did something wrong either. I did everything. As much as I wanted to, and everything that I could. That’s enough for me.” – Seo Yeon
“We just said our goodbyes. No one dumped and got dumped. It was going to be like that in the first place.” – Seo Yeon
“Love moves and changes. In some cases it rots and turns into hate.” – Soo Jung

Baby-Faced Beauty
“Whatever happened, you are not responsible. Although it is true you damaged the company, you are not one bit responsible. Because you don’t even have the qualifications to be responsible for anything.” – Seung Il
“Although you said I don’t qualify to be responsible for anything, I still wanted to try to do the best I can.” – So Young
“When I see my jacket being sold at stores and someone wearing it, then I will tell the truth and ask for forgiveness.” – So Young
“It’s not free. I gave it to you so that you’d answer my calls right away.” – Jin Wook
“Even though, everything I might say looks like an excuse, but I never meant to lie. I was fired from the fabric company where I worked for 14 years. But, no one would hire someone like me, who only had high school qualifications. So, just to earn money, I lied about my age and name and ended up working here. However I was given the chance to be a designer, which is a great opportunity for me. I know that it’s something unforgivable, but until my clothes are made and hung in the stores, I didn’t want to wake up from that dream.” – So Young
“Today, finally my clothes are hanging in the stores. But, I wasn’t able to feel joy or happiness. Even with those who believed me and helped me. I deceived myself, in order to achieve these results.” – So Young

Birdie Buddy
“You have to drink when it’s hard dealing with things when you’re sober.” – Hae Ryung
“What love is to me… is his happiness. I’m not like you where I fall in love so I can be happy. All I need is for him to be smiling.” – Mi Soo
“I finally learned that doing what I want isn’t love. I don’t want to hurt him again by acting childish.” – Hae Ryung
“I worry and I wonder. And when I’m with her I’m happy. This is probably what love is. But I believe there is only one love. It would be nice if there was one more… but there is only one. I think I was giving that love to Hae Ryung before she even matured.” – John
“I wouldn’t care if he lost both his legs and was in a wheelchair. But if he’s having a hard time… then I won’t see him.” – Hae Ryung
“All I want is for everyone to finally be able to like their life smiling.” – Mi Soo
A long time ago, there were lovers that lived on the opposite ends of a river. They promised to meet when the camellia flowers bloomed. But it rained so much the boat couldn’t cross the river. So the two couldn’t meet, even though the camellia flowers had all bloomed. Lets meet again. Before the camellia flowers wilt.” – John
“Some birdies were about a family with hardships. Other days, birdie was a selfless teacher. And birdie from before is my first love.” – Mi Soo
“I can’t promise that I’ll allow her to live like a princess. I can’t even lie that I won’t make her work. But, I won’t make her cry because we don’t have money to live and eat. I won’t make her cry because I’m sick either. I can promise that I won’t make her cry over little things.” – Tae Gab
“Every morning I look in the mirror and make a promise to myself. To stop acting like this today. That Mi Soo is a good friend. That John only loves me. But it doesn’t work that well. I feel like I’m going crazy if John even smiles at Mi Soo. Even when they sit across from one another! I really feel like I’m going to die.” – Hae Ryung
“Honestly, I don’t want to worry about the trivial feelings here. I have nothing and I still have a far way to go. There’s no time for me to hesitate. The people around me force me to hesitate.” – Mi Soo

Flower Boy Ramen Shop
“The only thing you can trust in this world is money and your source of food.” – Dong Joo
“Your forearm is stuck on my chest. My heart is suffocating and I can’t even sleep at night.” – Chi Soo
“I didn’t know you were having a hard time. I really am unqualified to be a teacher. Hurting you there… I’m really sorry.” – Eun Bi
If you go to my house. Open the 2nd cabinet. There’s a nickel silver pot. Just one chopstick full fills your heart. One sip will warm your whole body. There’s a ramen like that. Perfect for a kid like you. – Chul Dong
“The place you are headed towards… there may be some losses but you won’t be living like a coward.” – Chul Dong
“A scar left behind by a woman typically goes forever.” – Ok Gyun
“A high school student shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. You can’t comfort someone with money either. And fooling around with someone’s feelings… trying out someone when you’re not even interested. That’s something you deserve to get hit for.” – Eun Bi
“If you barely begin to have ‘something’ in 3 years… I wont even have time to deal with it when it comes. So I’m saying, you can run as hard as you want, but I’ll already be flying.” – Chi Soo
“That guy isn’t a highschooler. He’s a prince. Someone a fool like me shouldn’t touch.” – Ba Wool
A heart isn’t some revolving door where a bunch of people can go in and out.” – Eun Bi
“Feelings are the easiest thing in the world. It opens up once when you close your eyes. And it’s not a revolving door but like a merry go round. It’s a thing that can be enjoyed by many people happily.” – Chi Soo
“25 years old, an age that’s called the Christmas age. It’s an age where you realize that dating isn’t that sweet and that bells don’t ring when you kiss. But I still trust my heart.” – Eun Bi
“Despite how hard life gets, you should sit down and eat.” – Eun Bi
“Do you know what I hate most in this world? It’s getting things on my clothes. And crying girls. Your doing something unbelievable to me. The women that splashed something on me is crying. So get out.” – Chi Soo

“Even if you have no interest, if an elder is talking you should listen.” – Suk Hyun
“So, what if I want to do it? Once I get onto the stage I’m terrified, so what if I want to do it?” – Ji Young
“Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I will cry in anticipation of you.” – Joon Hee
“For me, it’s more important that you’re neither hurt nor sad. Nothing else matters. Watching you perform happily… is more important for me.” – Shin

I Love You
“I really wondered what the warm-hearted artist looked like. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.” – Young Hee

Lie to Me
“Just apologize, acknowledge your mistake, and sort things out properly. It’s not like he can kill a person who’s apologizing to him.” – Sang Hee
“I stayed in that examination hall for two whole years. I felt very happy because I was together with the person I liked. Because I really, really liked that person. I wanted him to see my good side. But I didn’t know how. So I decided, that I would confess to him when the examination results came out. But something happened… on that day, I saw him with a another woman.” – Ah Jung
“You could be together for a lifetime and still be unable to understand each other.” –Sang Hee
“She is a woman who does not make sense. I thought she wouldn’t give up so easily.” – Ki Joon
“It doesn’t matter if I’m humiliated. Whether you want to sue me or not, it’s up to you. I will accept it. Please, let’s be married for just one month.” – Ah Jung
“Because I’m so angry. In the past three years I have done anything at all. I couldn’t love… I couldn’t date… couldn’t get married. I didn’t do anything. I also couldn’t like someone again. Just forever alone like this.” – Ah Jung
“It doesn’t feel right that my possession is in the hands of a stranger.” – Ah Jung
“If you are afraid then you shouldn’t be here. Just go out and spend your money and play around. Why be such a headache?” – Myung Jin
“Let’s be careful. Walls have ears.” – Ah Jung
“Does complexity solve anything? Since I started this issue, I should put an end to it.” – Ah Jung
“If people didn’t know better, they’d think I was bitten by a snake.” – Sang Hee
“He was upset that you followed his footsteps and took the exam. Seeing you everywhere gave him shivers down his spine. You were suffocating him, so he begged me to talk to you.” – So Ran
“Sometimes, I don’t use my head to think. I use my heart, instead. And this time, mischief ensued.” – Ah Jung
“Whenever I ignore my brain and act impulsively, there’s always trouble.” – Ah Jung
“Every time I see you with sunbae, I always feel unhappy. This time the same thing happened. Why is it not me but another woman? This is not the first, but the second time. I’m always like this. Just like a fool.” – Ah Jung
“In a span of three years, one persons heart could stay the same, but another persons heart could change. Follow your heart. Don’t think about it too much.” – Manager Park
“There are times when you have to be cruel. Perhaps it may seem unforgivable, but sometimes, being cruel is actually more humane.” – Manager Park
“Don’t look at people like they’re fools. I don’t want to be misunderstood… and I don’t want to be a fool again.” – Ah Jung
“My mind is very clear, but my heart is unable to understand.” – Ah Jung
“Just now, at the hotel, I saw one man having an affair. He’s not even my husband. He’s another woman’s husband. Whether or not he has an affair, is none of my business. But why am I feeling so sad?” – Ah Jung
“It’s not because I like him. I’m just disappointed. Disappointed in love.” – Ah Jung
“Most people will change, whether it’s for the good or bad.” – Ah Jung
“No matter how much the world may change, it’s a given rule that a woman must not lose out.” – Park Hoon
“Your self-esteem has never been hurt before, right? Don’t be so full of yourself then.” – Ah Jung

Man of Honor
“A human being needs to have a dream whether you’re young or old. Then your life doesn’t seem as harsh, and there’s some joy to it.” – Goon Ja
“You have to open your heart up to at least one person for you to heal your emotional wounds.” – Jae In
“A sack that can contain a person’s greed… doesn’t exist in this world. If your heart’s not content, no matter how much you put in the sack, it’s never enough.” – Young Do
“You are indeed a very sick person. Your illness has gone deep into your heart and bone marrows.” – Jae In
“I decided to let fate choose my path, and bet my future on the bat. If my fortune is good, it won’t be a disaster.” – Jae In
“Don’t you know. I am a ticking time bomb. I’m going to explode. This time, I may never be able to recover from it!” – In Woo
“I know from experience… the loneliest thing in the world is to be in pain on your own.” – Jae In
“When I would feel down… I’d have some noodles father prepared, and all the worries I had that day… poof! They would all disappear.” – Young Kwang
“Other than hitting the ball… there’s nothing else I have ever done or know how to do. How to live on the outside, how to earn a living, how to take off my family – I’m a stupid idiot who doesn’t know how to do any of that. Therefore… please let me play baseball.” – Young Kwang
“When I first met you, you were just an annoying novice nurse. But I found out that you saved my life and now you’re my little sister. Isn’t it funny.” – Young Kwang
“With everything in the world… there‘s a reason for it. Whether it’s a rock rolling on the ground, or if it gets rained on, there’s a reason.” – Sister
“I was so cruel and abandoned her. But she saved my son’s life. You should have punished me instead. Then, it would have been easier.” – Kim In Bae
“Lord please watch over my child. Please keep her healthy. Please don’t let her shed any tears. May she know love and mercy. Please let true love open her eyes. And… please allow her to find true happiness.” – Il Goo
“When ever I see those patients coming in every day… I have this thought in my head. What if it’s my dad. What if it’s my mom? My sister? My brother? What if it’s my family. If a miracle happens, couldn’t that really happen? That’s why to me, the patient will always come first. That’s why even in front of your authority, I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut.” – Jae In
“The life I have struggled to live on a day to day basis… maybe this is the beginning of my fairytale with a happy ending.” – Jae In
“When you grow up, you have to become someone great. You can’t be a loser like me. You have to do well… like other people.” – Kim In Bae
“I think I really believed my childish thoughts back then. Using the determination of the poor, the childish thought that I can do it if I tried with all my might. But in reality… I never did get to defeat him. No. I couldn’t beat him.” – Young Kwang
“In this filthy despicable world, someone suddenly reached out and held on to me. My life in my darkest moment, at the moment of all moments. The one person that reached out to me, was you Yoon Jae In.” – Young Kwang

Me Too, Flower!
“Every single word you have spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted. When I thought you were abnormal you suddenly turned out to be normal. When I thought you were normal you turned out to be abnormal.” – Jae Hee

Miss Ripley
“Waiting is also a solution. But waiting for that kind of thing is not easy. No, it is very difficult. Love that is easy to get will also be easy to lose…” — Yoo Hyun

Muscle Girl!
“Family is fighting together, practicing together, sleeping together, waking up together and eating together.” – Ji Ho

My Lover, My Wife
“What’s the problem? Let’s live together here! The wife and the mistress, inside one bed, isn’t it great! – April
How many times did you make love with my husband? Twice? Thrice or four times on a week? What? Did you enjoy it? – Ji An
How pitiful of you! Is there no other guy who wants to love with you? – Ji An

My Princess
“Whether it’s really in my memories, or whether it’s a dream I’ve dreamt, or whether it’s an imaginary world I’ve created with just a few memories that I can’t even distinguish. They said they would come back very soon.” – Seol
“My smiling face is very pretty, right? I practiced every time I missed my dad. One day when my dad comes to find me again, I’m going to smile for him.” – Seol
“Aren’t you going to scream? Aren’t you going to throw a pillow at me? Am I that trustworthy? Or perhaps your eyes sparkle like this when any man shows up next to your bed. You have the stare of Snow White, who saw her Prince when she woke up after almost dying.” – Hae Young
“Everyone is curious about the intentions of their enemies.” – Jung Woo
“If you don’t allow me to teach you, then I’ll do something even worse. Every time you go against something I say, each successive time, I will become even worse. Don’t cry and regret it.” – Hae Young
“Why wouldn’t I be able to look at you? You’re not my woman and I don’t even have feelings for you. You really mean nothing to me now.” – Jung Woo
“There’s no front or back for her. She just runs wherever her emotions take her. You could say she’s a handful because one never knows where she’ll go next. And, that’s why she’s appealing.” – Yoon Joo
“We can’t run away from each other anymore. Regarding how difficult things are for you… what you’re feeling inside… I wouldn’t know if I died.” – Hae Young
“Relax your face and soothe those frown lines. Because I won’t run off with that money.” – Hae Young
“Like a tree standing before the wind, some branches will break off, while some branches will bend. But in order to become a lager tree, it’s a process that we must face.” – Seol
“To deny being lovers in order to gain something. That can result in a much worse situation than one can imagine.” – Jung Woo

Personal Taste
“The next time you’re born, please be born as a man who can love a woman.” – Gae In
“My mind is a scattered chaotic mess, so I’m collecting all my thoughts.” – Gae In
“If it’s a fair fight, it doesn’t matter if I get a bloody nose. But if the bloody nose is from someone with rocks in his fists, then it’s not fair. So, this time around, fight us with just your fists. Please do me this favor.” – Jin Ho
“Chances are something people have to make.” – Jin Ho

Protect the Boss
“Everyone has to face reality. There will always be a day when they come to their senses and go back to how their lives should be. So I can’t trapped like this. I need to be on my guard. If not, then my own life will be very tortured.” — Eun Seol
You said I’m a god. Bring me down from heaven. I… I want you to see me as a man.” — Moo Won
“This part-timer here gets four dollars an hour and works hard. He gave you more than four dollars worth of service. I’m sorry, but you will never be welcome as a customer anywhere.” – Ji Heon

Secret Garden
“Among the four seasons, I like winter the best. The face is cold and the body is hot. Even though you’re tired, you freeze when you stop walking. I like it when I have to walk and walk until my heart bursts. Because if you continue to walk, eventually you get on the top of the mountain.” – Ra Im

Shining Inheritance
“Money is not dirty or good, it’s scary. Money has to be scary and difficult. So that this amount continues to circulate under my grasp.” – Sook Ja

“The way you live determines the way you die.” – Kyoichiro
“A detective’s job is not only solving crime, not just apprehending a criminal, but saving every person who is involved with the case.” – Ami

“Do you know when a woman looks the least attractive? When she cries to get out of being responsible for her mistakes.” – Gi Ja
“I’m crying because I feel wronged. I keep making mistakes and nothing seems to work for me.” – Suh Jung
“I smell something. The smell of revolt. The smell of a challenge. Look, there is going to be a huge war soon.” – Jae Suk
“Do you know anything about fashion magazines? Being treated like superficial bimbos by men like you, and having to write about designer brands. Do you know what that feels like?” – Suh Jung
“You’re the one always beside me when a bomb going to explode.” – Suh Jung
“A cuisine without personality, color or lingering taste is therefore a cuisine not worth critiquing.” – Woo Jin

Sweet Buns
“I was hesitant weather I should come to see you. But I really wanted to see you with my own eyes. I wanted to see if you were happy.” – Shin Hyuk

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
“Han Kyul told me not to work at the coffee anymore. But I don’t want to give up my job there. Because… I need the money – that’s an excuse… I love coffee too much – that’s an excuse too. It’s so warm and great that I almost forgot that I’m in a lie. Now I know I made a mistake. But I’m always hoping he’s there with me, always wishing he would like only me. I’m not a guy nor a girl. And I’m too scared to tell him.” – Eun Chan

The Empress
“Humans are lonely creators. Humans always desire and yearn for others. Humans thirst for ambitions. When things don’t go their way, they start thirsting for it even more.” – In Hwa

The Musical
“Although a desire for someone cannot be pure, at least you should be able to see the pain your loved ones have. Only then you can call such desire ‘love’.” – Jae Yi
“It was you that led me to the musical that’s everything to me. You held my hands so that I can enter the world that I could only watch. When I fell, you helped me stand up. When the path was closed, you opened it up. You’re that kind of person to me.” – Eun Bi
“Even if you want something so badly, without talent, you can’t even get the opportunity. You remain as the chorus for the rest of your life.” – Eun Bi
“People always tend to choose what is best for them. They pretend to be unselfish, all so that they can feel good about themselves. Even that really is a selfish decision.” – Eun Bi
“The desire for you to do well is greater than the desire to do it myself.” – Yoo Jin
“The moment you let go of my hands, I only thought about how you could do that for months. But then, I know now. I can move on. Just like how you let go of my hands.” – Jae Yi
“He loved me. He loved my voice. He wrote songs for me. He made musicals for me. He said that I inspired him. His songs are the best. But I couldn’t get my mind straight. So I wanted to leave with him, but Sang Won stopped me. I still love him.” – Kang Hee
“I just want to do musicals. it’s hard enough just to do musicals. No matter how hard I try, I think it’s only getting harder. Even If I try harder, there are problems that I just can’t deal with. I don’t know why it’s become like this.” – Eun Bi
“If you push her in that kind of situations, it’s the worst kind of pressure. I don’t think you know how that feels.” – Yoo Jin
“In general people speak shortly when they speak truth, and long when they lie.” – Jae Yi

You’re Beautiful
“I don’t want to shock him or make him feel bad. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of my feelings and make sure they are not seen.”” – Mi Nyeo
“There’s no such thing as a love that’s nothing.” – Shin Woo
“I hereby give you permission to like me.” – Tae Kyung
“Can you like me? I will like you too.” – Shin Woo
“You’re not ashamed of your feelings, or sorry for them. Even if you’re a fool, you are an admirable fool.” – Mi Nyeo
“Can I really like you? Won’t it be weird and make you feel bad?” – Mi Nyeo
“Why did I kiss her? Because I was angry. Why was I angry? Because Go Mi Nam was going to meet Shin Woo like a fool. Why did I block that? Because I didn’t want her to get hurt. Why would that bother me? What is Go Mi Nam to me, anyway? Ugh, this is complicated and confusing. I have to give Go Mi Nam a good look where it’s lit, and think about it again.” – Tae Kyung
“Go Mi Nam gave me 100 points. Why do I still feel uneasy? Because I think she won’t continue to give me 100 points. That I’m happy to have gotten 100 points and don’t want to have even 1 point deducted.” – Tae Kyung


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