Autumn’s Concerto quotes

June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

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“Maybe I should have had more confidence and believed in you. Aren’t couples supposed to be like that? If we are to be together for the rest of our lives, we have to be honest to each other. Perhaps there are things in your heart that you don’t dare to tell me. But as long as you have the courage to tell me, I will believe it.” – Guang Xi

“This is the first time I want to cherish a person. For the first time, I want to make myself better for her because I believe that this world is not really that bad. I can accompany her and strive for the best.” – Guang Xi

“Did you know that in the skating ring, if you give your hands to the other person it means that your life is in his hands? I said that I will hold on to you so that means I promise to protect you, no matter what…” – Guang Xi



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