24 Jan 2010 – new quotes from Full House, Hwang Jin Yi and more K-dramas

January 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

all korean dramas in this post!

Dramas in this post:
Full House, Hwang Jin Yi, Lovers in Paris, My Lovely Sam Soon,  Stars Falling From the Sky, Tree of Heaven

“I’m here today to tell you about a woman I love. I’m in love with someone right now. I really love her. She’s someone who can find joy and hope in little things. Being with her brings me joy. She’s the first person to teach me what happiness is. Because I really love her, in order to protect her, I’m about to get a divorce. I’m sure you’re curious but I can’t reveal who she is now. She’s a kind but ordinary person. But to me she’s the most important and special person.”

– Young Jae / Full House [kdrama]

“I hope that the life you will live won’t be too much to handle. And that you will be happy…”

– Hwang Jini / Hwang Jin Yi [kdrama]

“There’s a saying that there’s no reason for love. It’s a lie. How could someone love without a reason? I can tell you at least 100 reasons why I like you. Your voice, your fingers. Your scent, your shadow. I even like your amnesia. I like everything about you. That’s my reason.”

– Soo Hyuk / Lovers in Paris [kdrama]

“There are two kinds of dough. Dough made with yeast and one without. Dough made with yeast rises right away, but one without yeast takes its time to rise. I think that’s so cute. I want to be a person without yeast.”

– Sam Soon / My Lovely Sam Soon [kdrama]

“You hit me every day for not knowing how to do anything. You should have hit me harder, so I would come to my senses, so I would know how to do something. You made a mistake too, so please help me somehow. Help me make him think, ‘Ah, at least it’s better to have her around than not.’”

– Pal Kang / Stars Falling From the Sky [kdrama]

“Now that I’m alone, I can truly understand how you felt when your heart was cold. How lonely you must have been. The heartache you must have felt. Why didn’t I embrace you with more warmth then?”

– Hana / Tree of Heaven [kdrama]


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