Boys Over Flowers quotes

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this is really long btw, more than 20..

Boys Before Flowers 꽃보다 남자 [kdrama]
Starring: Koo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon

“You’re not afraid of anything in this world,
But when you see a bug you start quivering in fear.
Rather than having a single finger broken on your girlfriend,
You’re an idiot that thinks it would be better if all your ribs were broken instead.
You don’t even know the difference between pride and privacy.
You’re so stupid,
You swear you’re always right even though you completely mess up every saying in the book.
You hate kids but you want to take your son to go see the stars.
You want to become a good father.
You’re a lonely but affectionate person.
That’s exactly who you are.
Say it… my name.”
– Jan Di

“The moment I see your face, it feels like bugs are crawling all over my body” – Jan Di

“I can’t promise her anything now. I can’t tell her I’ll always make her laugh, that I’ll make her happy or to trust in me. Being the son of someone like that, being a member of that kind of family — I hate it enough myself so how must she feel? She would of have hated everything she went through already.” – Jun Pyo

“Just because you were born male, doesn’t automatically make you a man. Becoming stronger from losing, yielding even though it is unfair, running away even though it’s shameful, overcoming self confidence over time, that’s how one becomes a real man.” – Grandma / Head Maid

“I don’t know when it started either. But now, I can’t be without you.” – Ji Hoo

“I’d thought that it might be better to send her to you rather than stay with her when I make things so difficult for her. I didn’t even want to imagine it, but if I had to, I thought the other person must be you, that you were the only one it could be. But still, I can’t do it.” – Jun Pyo

“This time I realized that you and I are from different worlds. We met as though in a dream, but now it’s time for us to return to our own worlds.” – Jan Di

“Children… when in front of what they really want, they don’t hesitate. If they lose it, they know they’ll start crying.” – Ga Eul

“After meeting you, there’s only been one thing I wish for — for you to be happy and not cry anymore. I’m afraid that after tomorrow, you won’t be able to smile again.” – Ji Hoo

“There’s already someone I love. She’s the first in my life and for the rest of my life, she’ll be the only one. You still want to marry me?” – Jun Pyo

“If everything can be settled by the word sorry, then why would law and police exist?” – Ji Hoo

”I stepped back as a friend — I gave up because she was my friend’s girlfriend. I gave you a chance up till the end. I’m not going to hold back anymore.” – Ji Hoo

“I haven’t lost to you and I am not running away either. You’re the worst person I’ve ever met. I’m leaving because I don’t wish to connect the ones I love to you. I’m just sorry that I can’t save the one person I love the most from you.” – Jan Di

“If it were me, I’d spend the time looking for my soulmate — although I’m not even sure stuff like that exists.” – Yi Jung

“Guys don’t do things for no reason in front of the girl they like. There’s always a reason. I’m speaking from experience, so you can trust me.” – Ji Hoo

“It’s not too late. It would only take one word, if you said that you like me…” – Jun Pyo

“Good shoes take you to good places” – Seo Hyun

“Yeah, I’m a woman. Can’t a commoner be a woman too? My family, my looks and my brains suck, I know. Even if you didn’t point it out so clearly, I already know. Got it, punk?” – Jan Di

“I hope you will change your thinking that commoners’ pride can be bought with money. People’s hearts can’t be bought either. You don’t know that, do you? But he knows that now.” – Jan Di

“I don’t know anything about him. But I know how special you are to him. He looks so sad to me, but there are times when he smiles, warmly enough to melt the heart of anyone who sees. You’re the only one who can make him smile. If you leave like this, he may not smile again.” – Jan Di

”If you two break up, I’m going to feel so wronged I’ll die. So if you want to split up, you have to report to me and get my approval.” – Jae Kyung



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