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1 Litre of Tears
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1% of Anything
“We don’t have to have blood relations in order to be brothers and sisters. Flesh and blood, those are just things that we’re made of. In a real family, what matters is our hearts. We care, show concern and love. Anyone can be family too.” – Da Hyun

49 Days
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A Game About Love
“People who are too lazy to look for the truth have no right to blame the person who lies.” – Qi Xiang
“Miss, what happens in life isn’t determined by us. What we can determine is how we want to live and what attitude we want to live with.” – Uncle Rong

A Gentleman’s Dignity
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A Thousand Days’ Promise
“I didn’t want to not do anything and regret for the rest of my life. I still don’t think that it was a mistake. I don’t think I did something wrong either. I did everything. As much as I wanted to, and everything that I could. That’s enough for me.” – Seo Yeon
“We just said our goodbyes. No one dumped and got dumped. It was going to be like that in the first place.” – Seo Yeon
“Love moves and changes. In some cases it rots and turns into hate.” – Soo Jung
“You’re having the wedding that you want, so I should congratulate you, but the words aren’t easy. Do your best until the very end. Don’t let your heart change, and don’t make her sad. Have her listen to her doctor, and take her medication on time. Spend lots of time with her. Love her, love her more, and love her endlessly. If you don’t, it’ll be too hard for you, and for her.” – Mom

Absolute Darling
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Air City
“Just like how you love your job, I like mine too. It has nothing to do with how much we love each other.” – Ji Sung

All About Eve
“The clouds are passing by slowly as the moon appears. Like the clouds, there are certain things which will disappear with the passing of time. And when it happens, you’ll realize that it wasn’t any big deal.” – Sun Mi
“No one can live alone. In one way or another, we give other people trouble or receive help.” –Hyung Chul
“Smile. You have a beautiful smile. I want to remember it. I’ll use my eyes to capture this moment. Now give me a smile.” – Hyung Chul
“Someone who works only for the money will give you trouble one day because of money.” – Sun Mi
“If you want to return to my side, just walk towards me. Whenever I think you have taken a step forward, you step back again. Interesting. However it can be tiring too. I hope you will stop making me feel tired.” – Hyung Chul
“In the painful months after we parted, the sense of hopelessness invaded my heart. It was after we met that I realized every little thing that happened in the world mattered to me. I was grateful to be born into this world. My heart that loved you deeply too loved the world which you live in. When I saw a flower by the roadside, I’d be reminded of the days when I had you. I put my head on your shoulder on a certain day. The setting sun that disappeared in the far end of the sea. Our love was so sweet. This spring could be a spring we spent apart. It would be the most painful spring my motherland had seen. May happiness always be with you. Farewell.” – Sun Mi
“From now on, you can only think of me and love me. I’ll do likewise. I didn’t bother much about you recently because I was exhausted. But I won’t leave you alone anymore. In future, I will never allow you to break up with me again. I promise.” – Hyung Chul
“Love does not solely belong to one person. No matter how hard you try, if the feeling is not mutual, it’ll be fruitless.” – Sun Mi

“Am I only dreaming or did the moon really go down so I can see you closely?” – Bagani
“Let’s give an end to the flight of the deceiving savior and make way for the woman who has a twin snake.” – Hilway
“Even I look like a woman in your eyes, I still have the blood of a warrior.” – Amaya
“Fate is truly mysterious because your destiny has already reversed. The slavery you have been bickering is the position you have earned as your punishment.” – Lingayan
““I don’t need your love especially if you will keep it aside because of the wants of your father King. You’re a coward.” – Amaya
“You were also like your mother. Both of you were delinquent and evil – and didn’t deserve to be respected. My heart doesn’t recognize you as my sister for you don’t feel anything for the death of our father. I will never respect you or treat you as my sister as well as your vicious garbage Mother who was the cause for this misfortune.” – Amaya
“My heart is filled with despise and anger to the point that I want to hold a sword so that they can pay for the misfortune of my father and our kingdom.” – Amaya

Arang and the Magistrate
“It’s not my taste, but somebody told me that… in front of a man, I should be soft and gentle. That way he will grant your wish.” – Arang
“There are so many things that you can‘t calculate in this world.” — Jade Emperor
“Memory? Yeah, there’s one thing I do remember. That terrifying horror in the moment of Lee Seo-rim’s death — I remembered that! Even if the truth of my death lies there, right now I’m so scared I can’t go. When I want to know, I’ll go. Not you! When I want to know! That’s when I’ll go! But that’s not now.” — Arang
“Till now I lived… thinking that being a man was all about being strong. But that wasn’t so. An ordinary man uses his strength for a woman… but a real man uses his heart for a woman.” – Dol Sue
“If I want to hug you, I’ll hug you. If I want to hold you, I’ll hold you.” – Eun Oh

Atashinchi no Danshi
“Don’t disapoint the people who believe in you.” – Chisato
“I… up until now I’ve never failed to confess to anyone, 23 consecutive victories. That’s why… I give up. I don’t want to stop this winning streak… and there are other guys here.” – Sho
“You‘re just worrying about a painful past. Struggling to find the new ‘you’. That’s why, don’t you think you should love yourself more? The way you are now.” – Chisato

Autumn in My Heart
“My next life I only want to love one person. If that person doesn’t love me, it doesn’t matter, I won’t bother. I just wish that I can see that person everyday.” – Joon-suh
“It’s times like these that you need to be strong. Let’s stuff ourselves.” – Hyunwoo
“I want to be reborn as a tree; that way I can plant my roots down, never move and can never be separated from the ones I love.” – Eun-suh

Autumn’s Concerto
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Baby-Faced Beauty
“Whatever happened, you are not responsible. Although it is true you damaged the company, you are not one bit responsible. Because you don’t even have the qualifications to be responsible for anything.” – Seung Il
“Although you said I don’t qualify to be responsible for anything, I still wanted to try to do the best I can.” – So Young
“When I see my jacket being sold at stores and someone wearing it, then I will tell the truth and ask for forgiveness.” – So Young
“It’s not free. I gave it to you so that you’d answer my calls right away.” – Jin Wook
“Even though, everything I might say looks like an excuse, but I never meant to lie. I was fired from the fabric company where I worked for 14 years. But, no one would hire someone like me, who only had high school qualifications. So, just to earn money, I lied about my age and name and ended up working here. However I was given the chance to be a designer, which is a great opportunity for me. I know that it’s something unforgivable, but until my clothes are made and hung in the stores, I didn’t want to wake up from that dream.” – So Young
“Today, finally my clothes are hanging in the stores. But, I wasn’t able to feel joy or happiness. Even with those who believed me and helped me. I deceived myself, in order to achieve these results.” – So Young

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
“Without even knowing, a person goes around scattering their heart. That’s why if you’re with a smiling person, you end up smiling with them.” – Tae Yang
“We’ve seen each other fight like heck, and seen each other absolutely humiliated… and we’ve even held hands… but we still don’t know each others names.” – Tae Yang
“In order for it to hide it’s own beauty, a rose hides behind it’s sharp thorns.” – Chan Sol
“Lying to the person who truly cares for me, is too cruel. I thought it was more unforgivable to deceive her than to love another person.” – In Bum
“A smart man can’t beat a hardworking man and a hard working man can’t beat a happy working man.” – Tae Yang
“Have you ever played ping pong up against a wall? You get exhausted a lot quicker than playing against someone. It’s the same with getting angry. If you keep getting angry on your own, all that anger will just come back to you.” – Tae Yang
“You’re speaking coldly towards me but why is it that my heart isn’t getting cold at all? Is it because your heart is saying something else? Is it because there’s something else you’re hoping that I’ll hear? So tell me the real reason. Why are you doing this? I’ll become your strength. I have the confidence to do that.” – Tae Yang
“I’ve thought about how it will make things easier for you. But I can’t do that because more than my emotions, the future of Fresh Men is more important. Because more than my pride, my friends are more precious.” – Tae Yang
“I have to live on my own strength now but everyone around me are all like me so they can’t be of any help to me. That’s why I came to you. What does one have to do to live so earnestly like a fool…” – Seul Woo
“If you fall down from a low place, it’s over with a broken leg and an arm. But, if you fall from a high place… then you’re done with that.” – Kang Sun
“If I work hard with everything I’ve got, a road will open itself up.” – Tae Yang

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo
“Because I need to live. While I’m alive, nothing is over. Just because today was good, my life isn’t over. Just because today was bad, my life isn’t over either. Good things and bad things… they all go away.” – Tak Gu
“Whether I succeed or fail is up to the heavens… all I have to do is do my best… don’t you think?” – Tak Gu
“I won’t bother asking. Because if there’s something you want me to know, you’ll tell me. If you ain’t gonna tell me, maybe you have a great reason behind it.” – Tak Gu
“Everything starts with your heart. Throw away the fear that your sense of smell won’t ever return. If you throw away that fear, everything will be okay again.” – Master Pal Bong
“Life is like a flower in the field, so after it fades, it no longer knows where it was.” – Master Pal Bong
“There is nothing more important in the world than people.” – Master Pal Bong

“You’re really strong, I feel at ease now. It’s fine now. No matter what happens, I’ll always follow you. That’s my duty, so keep it in your mind since the catcher is pitcher’s wife.” – Gou

“Yeah… you dragged me here but it’s a good thing. If I told him that I was sorry and to ignore what I said, I would’ve been a stupid person.” – Da Ran
“Don’t go after Teacher Gil. There’s somebody else that she likes. Her heart belongs to someone. Even if you go after her, she wouldn’t even look at you. She’ll never accept you. If your heart keeps on going to her, you’ll be hurt badly.” – Ma Ri
“Even if you say that you erased it, it doesn’t go away that easily. Love doesn’t remain in memories… it remains in the heart.” – Choong Sik
“Teacher Gil, you are not mine, but even if I disappear, can you retain the memory of my existence? Please don’t erase me away.” – Kyung Joon

Birdie Buddy
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Bittersweet Life
“The world changes into what I long for. If I long for the sea, the world becomes the sea. If I long for mountains, the world becomes mountains. If I long for you, the world becomes you. If you long for me, the world will become full of me.” – Joon Soo

Boys Over Flowers
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“Wings, I should need them some day, but it’s not now. I will use my own power to pursue and find my own wings.” – Kang Hoon

Bridal Mask
“It may appear reckless. One layer of an egg’s shell, cast against a stone will surely break. But no matter how strong a stone, it is dead. And no matter how weak an egg, it is alive. When time passes a stone will crumble into dirt. But someday there is a chick who will hatch from that egg and walk upon that dirt. The day will come when the Japanese empire’s murderous tyranny and oppression cannot defeat that egg.” – Damsari
“But now, even if I take vengeance on every one of my father’s enemies, I don’t think I’ll be able to take off the mask. There are so many things to be done. Wherever I look, there are too many people in agony.” – Kang To
“You won’t have to go alone. I’ll follow you to the very end, rooting for you. Whether it’s a thousand fathoms deep or through a fiery pit, I’ll always go with you.” – Mok Dan
“Because Gaksital must live. Because Gaksital is the light that must shine for the Joseon people who live in darkness. He wouldn’t want that light to go out. You said there were too many people living in agony, that you had so many things to do. Don’t go to the execution. You mustn’t go.” – Mok Dan
“Even if I die, I can’t quit.” – Kang To
“Because it seemed like you saw me, who’d chased so desperately after success and power, you always weigh on my mind. Whether you’re doing this because it’s what you truly want, or perhaps it’s what your adoptive father wants, and you’re living as his puppet on a string — think it over carefully. I believe you’ll choose the right path someday.” – Kang To
“Looking into the eyes of someone who will never love you back is a life of despair.” – Rie

Bu Bu Jing Xin
“In my heart, there’s only him and me left… I selfishly put everyone else aside and forget them. All that’s left behind is everything he and I shared. For the first time, no one can bother us. The first time where I don’t have any worries and can start to love him again.” – Ruo Xi

Bull Fighting
“Keep smiling. Your smile is my strength.” – Ruo He
“True love will not wait for you. If true love really appeared in front of you now and you guys didn’t bother to chase after it, what a crappy response is that?” – Zi Cong
“Gains and losses in life aren’t important. What’s important is that everyone’s together!” – Yi family
“Do you know that the sky is always very clear just before a storm comes? I hope I can shelter you from that, and make the sky clear again, So, Yi Sheng Xue… you’ve got to always keep your smile because that’s my source of courage. For the sake of your smile, I can also climb the volcano. I can do anything for it.” – Ruo He

Buzzer Beat
“I’ve come! Since I’m your number 1 fan, I came to seriously support you! So make sure you win, baka!” – Riko

Calling For Love
“If you love someone, then you should hope they will be happy.” – De Xin
“Whether I’m acting or not, can’t you tell?” – Bo Ye
“Oh really? I think that my brother and De Xing are very much in love. Are you the one who misunderstood?” – Bo Rou
“As long as you eat till you are full, then you will become happy.” – De Xing

Can Love Become Money?
“I am going to plant a tree and I am going to pray that my next life won’t be so tragic because of money. One that’s not so sad and so unjust.” – Da Ran
“Hell is hell if you go there front or backwards.” – Da Ran
“Being awkward means there is something suspicious. Being suspicious means there is an ulterior motive.” – In Tak
“You are an empty can. An empty can. A piece of metal that’s empty and so noisy when it moves around. Your survival skills are a true genius. In order to survive, you switch sides in a second.” – In Tak

Can You Hear My Heart
“By my side, I have someone who talks to me with her heart so I’m fine.” – Dong Joo
“I’m not someone who can’t hear, instead I’m someone who can see well.” – Dong Joo
“If you cover your eyes and think, you can see. If you cover your ears, you can hear everything.” – Mi Suk
“What should I do? The person I really like… I told him not to play with bad people. But he won’t listen. Really, what should I do?” – Woo Ri
“When my mom died, I made a promise with her. Together. That we’ll be together.” – Woo Ri
“Don’t lie. Only bad people lie and police take the bad people. So don’t lie.” – Young Kyu
“Grandma, my grandma. Since I am stuck to your back like this, it’s so nice and warm. When I leaned on my mom’s back like this, my mom didnt reply when I talked to her but since you insult me and call me a crazy girl – it’s so nice.” – Woo Ri
“Do you know why I like Cha Dong Joo? Because Cha Dong Joo likes me even if all I do is hand out water. I feel like I’m a great woman for no reason… but since you say that, all of a sudden, I became such a pathetic woman.” – Woo Ri
“I like you a lot and because I like you, I keep following you. To be honest, I can’t hear either. No, I can hear, but I only wanted to hear what I want. That you liked me, that you wanted to be with me.” – Dong Joo

Capital Scandal
“What doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger.” – Soohyun

Cheongdamdong Alice
“I’ve loved and been loved enough and that’s where that life’s insight comes from!” – Seung Jo
“Even if you try, nothing will be different. There is nothing to get better. If you accept that, you can’t live. If you try, it will be okay. Things will get better. It’s with at least that hope that we’re able to live.” – Deuk Gi
“Life is like a recipe book. If you follow the recipe, and faithfully follow the instructions for combining the ingredients, you will surely succeed.” – Se Kyung
“Fine. I’ll go. But this time, protect her. Don’t put your emotions first. Make sure you know what she really wants and try to understand her. Then you’ll be able to protect her. Don’t fail. I’m being sincere. This is the only way that you and I can move on.” – Yoon Joo
“How did love become a crisis in my life? I was someone who couldn’t live without love. I was hung up on a love for over 6 years. Watching other people marry due to family backgrounds, I thought, maybe those people can be happy without love. But I thought I was a different type you see.” – Se Kyung
“In this world, no one can be happy without love.” – Yoon Joo
“My heart is beating really fast. I am like this whenever I’m with you. You are sensible, honest, and brave. But I am petty, weak, and fearful. Yet I still told you that I liked you… so don’t be afraid.” – Seung Jo
“I was going to confess using this cool script. But none of this is right. That… kind of stuff isn’t me. I… I am a coward because the person I love might throw me away, might leave me. I am afraid. I get scared. When I was little, my mother let go of my hand and left, back when the person I loved suddenly packed her bags and left. These things haunt my dreams. Sometimes I get so scared, I turn the lights on. Now you know, I am not a cool CEO. I am not a prince that saved you, Se Kyung-sshi. I am just, one who loves Se Kyung-sshi. Just an ordinary man, Se Kyung-sshi. I love you to the point of being annoying. So, if you are able to accept someone like me, decide Se Kyung-sshi. So, please don’t throw me away, don’t leave me. Se Kyung-sshi, you save me.” – Seung Jo

“Even though you met, you never really met, so even though you separated, you never really separated. We call that fate — something that won’t happen just because you want it to.” – Choi

Cinderella’s Sister
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City Hall
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City Hunter
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Code Blue 2
“Mistakes… what is a mistake? If the decision was right and the outcome was bad, it will still be regarded as a mistake.” – Saijou
“What one person can do alone is limited. Don’t take everything on by yourself.” – Mihoko

Color of Woman
“Every time I see you, I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall. I feel uncomfortable every time I see you, and every time we talk, my throat tickles.” – Joon Soo
“A first love is like white lacy panties. From the moment the package has been opened, it can never go back to being pure white again. It can’t be turned back, it leaves behind only regrets.” – So Ra
“I only gave her a dress. Unlike you, you gave her your heart.” – Chan Jin
“I just thought of the two of us and the words ‘deep kiss and, urgh, it was horrible.” – So Ra

Corner With Love
“Let her go. If something doesn’t belong to you, you won’t be happy even if you get it.” – Grandma
“Some corners are dangerously thrilling; some corners are filled with surprises. Whether it is surprises or dangerous thrills, if you don’t walk over there you definitely won’t know what you’ll meet at the next corner. Corners are filled with stories, regardless of whether it’s on a person’s path in life or on a crowded street. It might be yours, it might be mine. Therefore, I like corners.” – Qin Lang
“A dream that would be laughed at if spoken aloud is truly worth pursuing” – Ba Dao
“If you’re friends with someone, no matter where you go, you will still remember their face.” – Qin Lang
“You must be happy!” – Qin Lang

Dae Jang Geum
“I’ll tell you this: no one can ever persuade me to give up! I will never give up!” – Jang Geum

“Not too long ago I have received a person’s proposal. When I was tired, he encouraged me. When I was sad, he showed me his loving care. When good things happen, we always share together. Later, I knew he liked me for a long time. I don’t know when it started. I also discovered that I liked the opposite party. But I decided to keep his sentiments aside. I believed no matter until when, he’d be waiting for me. Compared to one man loving me, I thought that it is more important that I need to share laughter, anger, sorrow and happiness together with the citizens.” – Hye Rim
“The Republic of Korea exists because of who? What are people to the congress members? Are they just one or two votes during election? Don’t tell me they are just votes only. When your own dog is lost, you will also go out and look for him. The people of this country, don’t tell me they are worse than dogs!” – Hye Rim
“Is the government incompetent? Or is it because of looking after the Unites States face? This kind of country, what significance does it have for the nation? Negotiation groups needed one month but the corpse was sent to the government for only one day. Why exactly does it exist? What sin does one have being born in this country? Are we people without a country? A country that cannot protect the lives of the citizens, what’s the use of it? Republic of Korea, is it a country that exists just for only a certain individual?” – Hye Rim

Dalja’s Spring
“The first time is the toughest. After the first time, the second time and the third times become easier.” – Dalja

Dear You
“We get tested when we least expect it. It’s hard to say yes or no. Once you get caught, you have no choice but to catch up to its speed. It looks like there’s no answer.” – Chan Joo

Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
“You’re such a simpleton. Why is everything black or white with you? It’s not as simple as like or dislike. It could be kind of like or kind of dislike. There’s plenty of gray areas.” – Chun-hyang

Devil Beside You
“I think I will love you for the rest of my life.” – Ah Meng
“How is it possible that one rainfall can make the shadow and the memories be washed away? And why would you agree to go out with someone who has another person’s shadow inside?” – Yuan Yi
“Wrong. We would definitely meet. We were destined to meet. Even without our parents, we still would’ve met. Maybe it would’ve been at a manga rental store. We’d rent the same manga set, so we meet. Or at Qing Zi’s part time job. You clumsily spill soda on me, so I’d be unlucky enough to know you. Or it might have been at a movie theater. Your seat next to mine and you fell asleep and drooled on me. In this world, in any possible corner, we would meet because I would find you. Only you can make me right.” – Ah Meng
”Whether the connection between her and I are lovers or siblings, it’s not important to me, because no matter how other people see me, she is already in my heart.” – Ah Meng
“There are people that intend to hurt you, but there are also people who get hurt because you are hurt.” – Yuan Yi
“I’ll let you be the angel who makes the devil repent.” – Ah Meng
“How is it possible that one rainfall can make the shadow and the memories be washed away? And why would you agree to go out with someone who has another person’s shadow inside?” – Yuan Yi
“It is not a law that you can only eat cake on your birthday.” – Qing Zi

Down With Love
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Dr. Jin
“If you keep running away every time you are scared, then you will do nothing but hide your entire life. Is that really, how a person should live their life? The only way you can get over this fear is by fighting. No matter how scared or afraid you are, you cannot win without fighting.” – Young Rae

Dream High
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Dream High 2
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Easy Fortune Happy Life
“No matter what great difficulties arise, face it with courage and hope and always be thankful and do not lament. Kindness and sincerity are the greatest gifts from heaven.” – Fu An’s Grandma
“The expression of the old Tung flowers represents first love, and the couple who meet in the rainy Tung flowers, will receive blessings from the Tung flowers, and will never be separated.” – Wang Cai
“I want to occupy and capture every bit of your life and let you get used to my existence.” – Dang Feng

“When you make a promise in this world, people only do it in words. ‘I’m a Goryeo warrior and my oath means my life.’ From now on you don’t have to say those words. Make a pinky swear and stamp it. Like this. Like this, make a promise then stamp it. There. That’s how you promise. But if you feel this is not strong enough, you make a copy like this. If you promise this way you don’t have to risk your life. And there’s one more. High five. For this one you don’t have to say anything. It’s just given from heart to heart. ‘Look here. Be strong. We can do this.’” – Eun Soo
“Someone once said, earnest desire creates connections, and only memories will bring those moments to life.” – Eun Soo

Fantasy Couple
“Now that I’ve felt what warmth is I’m even colder now.” – Anna

Fashion King
“If it wasn’t for him, I would have not even been able to go. But he found me and came to where I was… how desperate must he have been to come to me. He, just like me, has no one else in this world to lean on. If it were you… the person who gifted me with the most precious time of my life, could you have ignored that person?” – Ga Young
“You’re trash! I can’t believe I considered you a human being. I must be the crazy one.” – Anna

Fated to Love You
“Life is like a gamble. You can’t win every game. But if the chip is in your hands, you will always have hope.” – Cun Xi
“I only know that the first time is accidental, the second time is inevitable, and the third time is by fate…” – Cun Xi
“A girl is just to innocent when she is fooled on the first time. But she is too naive if fooled for the second time. And if she is still fooled for the third time, she is stupid.” – Xin Yi
“Don’t run away from things you are scared of anymore. Don’t mistaken the things God planned for you. Look at him. This man has agreed to end 9 generations for you. Shouldn’t you work hard for him in return?” – Dylan
“If you can’t forget the past, then don’t forget it. Bury it in your heart. Let it become a part of your story.” – Zhong Shang Long
“I said you can’t fall in love with me. But I didn’t say that I can’t fall in love with you!” – Cun Xi
“Meeting you has been the best miracle of my life” – Xin Yi
“Ever since you’ve moved out of the house, my only job seems to be reporting to you what has she been eating, what has she been doing. And now, ‘Oh! Take a day off from work! Go and buy Jiang Jun Bao from Jiang Mu Dao for her!’” – Anson
“Perhaps it is 100% fated that I will have feelings for you.” – Cun Xi
“Sticky notes can be gotten easily when you need them, torn down and thrown away when you don’t. Easy to tear and does not stick. Never leaves any trace and easily forgotten.” – Xin Yi
“Expressing my love to a girl for the first time, and it is being taken as a joke.” – Dylan
“It’s not ‘sorry’, it’s ‘press on, Chen Xin Yi.’” – Cun Xi
“Then who do you wish I am?” – Cun Xi

Flames of Ambition
“I couldn’t even afford to shed tears because the act of crying in itself was a luxury to me. Aren’t tears like a sweet temptation? Because they bring comfort exactly when you need it. But tell me, what difference would that make? Does anyone care about my tears?” – In Ki

Flower Boy Next Door
“How timid and frail is unrequited love? A place you entered of your own accord, but you’re trapped inside, unable to find an exit. He doesn’t know a thing, and could one day leave my line of sight, and the love ends passively. A love that does not bloom flowers, and thus cannot dream of bearing fruit. A love like a seed that is forgotten. That is unrequited love.” – Dok Mi
“I hate winter. In the spring, summer and autumn, your window is always open. So there’s a fragrance that comes from your room. Really, there’s a herb scent and at night I can smell the aroma of fresh rice and the breeze that comes from the fluttering of your curtains. And on rainy days, you reach your hand outside and feel that falling rain. It feels like you’re right next to me. I just want to be with you for a long time. Then like that hat mark, my traces might remain. All you have to do is stay there, just like now.” – Jin Rak
“Her mouth is like a broken faucet in a mountain village. When it’s needed, not one drop comes out, and in the middle of a silent night it flows on its own. In that moment, all the words she couldn’t speak come pouring out belatedly. She vows, ‘Next time, I should answer like this, I should make this retort’. That woman speaks the most impressive lines when she’s alone.” – Dok Mi
“People who think that they can just grab the hand of happiness when it’s offered to them — how happy must they be? That woman becomes nervous when she is too happy. To that woman, happiness is like a child’s game of blowing bubbles. The moment when she touches the bubbles that float her way carrying the light of the rainbow, they burst. In front of happiness, that woman always gives up, before the hand is even offered.” – Dok Mi
“The sunflower looking up to the sun and smiling becomes a small sun” – Dok Mi

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
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Full House
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God of Study
“If you guys continue this way, you’re going to live your entire lives being cheated by others until you die. In this society, there’s such a thing as rules. You have to live by them. Who do you think made these rules? Smart guys. Laws, the educational system, the estate system, taxes, finance, the wage system — smart guys made them up to suit their tastes, to make their lives comfortable. But they made it difficult for those less fortunate and less smart than them to even understand them. Smart guys use these rules to live the good life. For idiots like you, for fools who think using your brains is a hassle, you’ll live your entire lives conned or endlessly injured by those smart guys, and in the end, you’ll be defeated.” – Suk Ho
“Do you know what the biggest hurdle is when a person is facing a major event in his life? Emotions. That worthless ego, pride, stubbornness. One can get so lost in those emotions that he can’t see the food right in front of him to save his life.” – Suk Ho
“Don’t make me weak. Don’t let me fall. I’m afraid… stay by my side.” – Baek Hyun
“I’m very sorry for ever liking you.” – Hyun Jung

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Gu Family Book
“There are no bad people. Only bad situations.” – Yeowool

Hana Kimi (Japan)
“Your smile gives me strength but your sadness always comes from Sano. I will definitely make you happy.” – Nakatsu
“Depend on me, I don’t care… I don’t care who you love. I love you.” – Nakatsu
“Even when I’m an old geezer, so old that I can’t even remember my own name, I won’t forget all the time we’ve spent together… ever. To me, you are… the best. The best friend I had ever.” – Nakatsu
“Right now, the word homosexual isn’t the least bit offensive to me. No. I should say my love has already transcended gender. I’m truly proud of myself. If only I could give Mizuki a helpful push, he’d be willing to accept his forbidden love. Ike Ike! Go! Go! Ore Go Gooooo!” – Nakatsu

Hana Kimi (Taiwan)
“Gay. G-Y-A, gay. OK? You don’t understand gay?!” – Xui Yi
“I am your No.1 fan!” – Rui Xi
“Hey! What you doing? When boy and girl talking, no touching, you understand?” – Xiu Yi

Hana Yori Dango
“You only have one chance in a lifetime.” – Sojirou
“It’s not like a manga where you can say that you accidentally fell and your lips met” – Akira
“Patience is a virtue. You must love in order to be loved.” – Tsubaki
“Love just kind of happens when you least expect it, huh?” – Yuuki
“Why didn’t I fall in love with you until now? Give me a minute… let me hold you…” – Rui
“Your smiles are the best… and your mad face.” – Domyouji
“At first I thought to myself, “who’s this cocky little runt?!”. But before I knew it, I started liking you. Maybe I already had feelings for you from the first time we met, even though I gave you the red notice.” – Domyouji
“You can’t do anything right. You’re poor, you’re a commoner, and you’re totally hopeless… but you’re the best. You should be. I did approve of you after all. And my only regret was not showing you a live glimpse of Saturn. We’re both from Saturn. Maybe it was our shared destiny to have all those fun and difficult times together. When I’m with you, I really feel like I’ll always have a good time. So, I might come back just because I miss you.” – Domyouji

Hana Yori Dango 2
“We have the same fate with the wrong person.” – Domyouji

Hayate the Combat Butler
“Xiao Sa, I don’t want to live in solitude. It doesn’t matter if you wanted to kidnap me. Can you not leave me?” – Xiao Zhi

“You’re good-looking and popular, so you think you’re pretty great, right?” – Gyu Won
“I really don’t get why they all run around obsessing over a guy like you.” – Gyu Won
“It doesn’t matter who you like, because I don’t care at all. So, you too… should stop caring about me.” – Shin
“Don’t give up liking me.” – Shin
“It’s not good for a youngster to like taking the taxi too much.” – Grandpa
“What’s with you? You judge a person by their appearance and crush them. You think you’re that cool?” – Kyu Won
“Living as a god is a hungry thing.” – Joon Hee
“Don’t secretly look after me in the studio. Don’t wait for me till late at night either. If I ate my meal, if my leg hurts, don’t worry. Don’t do anything. Like someone that suits you, a young girl.” – Yoon Soo
“Someone so mean, ruse and distasteful, I don’t know why they like you. There is something wrong with their eyes.” – Kyu Won
“Even if you have no interest, if an elder is talking you should listen.” – Suk Hyun
“So, what if I want to do it? Once I get onto the stage I’m terrified, so what if I want to do it?” – Ji Young
“Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I will cry in anticipation of you.” – Joon Hee
“For me, it’s more important that you’re neither hurt nor sad. Nothing else matters. Watching you perform happily… is more important for me.” – Shin
“If I ate my meal, if my leg hurts, don’t worry. Don’t do anything. Like someone that suits you, a young girl.” – Yoon Soo
“It’s good to have a big dream. Even if your dream is shattered, the shattered pieces are still big.” – Shin

Hi! My Sweetheart
“As long as you remember, no matter if it’s Lin Da Lung or Xue Hai, I will forever be the big idiot that truly, truly loves you… that’s enough.” – Da Lung
“I like you calling me ugly mushroom head. I like you hitting me 800 times a day. I like the voice you have when you read English. I like you being drunk and me carrying you back home. I like that you sleep in class but you are very serious when writing a report. I like you liking Pink Panther like me and you know who his best friend is. I like you. Even though you’re obviously not the type of girl I would like, but I just like you.” – Da Lung
“Ah, you can’t do ‘that’ to me. This is the library.” – Da Lung
“Maybe this mushroom head never wants to meet me again. So, I’m asking him to move out. And letting a new tenant move in. Lastly, I want to tell him: No matter where you are, I hope you find happiness.” – Bao Zhu
“He’s like a big blank that will cover me and let me cuddle inside and cry. When the sun is out, I just have to bring it out to the light and slap it a bit, and then it will go back to its original form and warmth.” – Bao Chu
“If you’ve ever done anything bad, everyone will forever label you as the bad person.” – Bao Zhu

Honey & Clover (Japan)
“I wonder what I was doing. I was just staring and did not even stretch my hand out. I was scared of the result and couldn’t take a single step forward. I was jealously watcing the paths everyone found with effort. By saying that I was different from everyone else, I was making an excuse for myself. I was afraid of being hurt.” – Takemoto
“Even though she was right in front of me, the way I couldn’t reach my hand out was always irritating. The person I was, telling myself that I would never obtain it and staying quiet while doing nothing, always made me angry.” – Takemoto
“No one can ever replace someone else.” – Kazuo
“Hearing the voice I yearned for, somehow my heart ached a bit. I was so close to her, but for some reason, she seemed very far away.” – Takemoto
“Even though it’s right in front of you, there’s something you can’t have. No matter how much you reach out your hand, there’s something that you can never touch. Even though you can’t obtain it, is there a light at the end of the path if you continue to search? – Takemoto

Hot Shot
“Is your Chinese better than mine?” – Da Ying

“Their incompatible appearances have actually made them more compatible. Some people said that when a couple comes together, they will compliment each others shortcomings.” – Dong Hyuk
“Hey boss, love is like wine. The stronger it is, the worse the headache. It upsets even the stomach. But no matter how strong it is… it’ll eventually be cleared from the system.” – Leo

Hotaru no Hikari
“I’d rather lay around than fool around.” – Hotaru

“I have a dream. My dream is to move someone’s heart with something I make, to make the people I love smile. I might not be able to make this dream of mine come true with music. But I will make it happen in this very restaurant.” – Eisuke

Hwang Jin Yi
“I hope that the life you will live won’t be too much to handle. And that you will be happy…” – Hwang Jini

I Do, I Do
“The fate on the road can be perfect only when it’s ended on the road.” – Ji An
“All people are cowards. Even more so when they have something to protect.” – Gun Hyung
“If you always look forward, will you go straight? In order to do so, you have to look to your sides and rear and check the traffic signs. And you have to ask for directions from other people.” – Eun Sung

I Give My First Love To You
“During my 7th stay at the hospital, I was thinking… if I made it out alive again, I’d give you a kiss. Then I’d hold your hand, hug you tight, and then I’d break up with you. When you’re with me, you’re always crying. Like the way you’re always on my mind, you’re always thinking about my condition. So to keep you from crying, I have to break up with you while I’m still alive.” – Takuma
“Life is so sad. It’s full of heartbreaks like this. But, I don’t regret a thing; that I met you, that I fell in love with you. If I were to meet you again, even knowing such sadness awaits me, I’d definitely fall in love with you again.” – Mayu

I Hear Your Voice
“Truth doesn’t establish the winner, the winner establishes the truth.” – Hye Sung

I Love You
“I really wondered what the warm-hearted artist looked like. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.” – Young Hee

I Miss You
“Painful memories are gone! Together, we can build up good memories.” – Jung Woo
“Are you smiling? I’m so angry it kills me. So angry, I’m going crazy. I’m just going to wait today. Just today.” – Jung Woo
“I’m not crying because I’m sad. It’s because of the wind. It’s making my eyes water.” – Soo Yeon
“If there are five ripples, it means your wish will come true.” – Soo Yeon
“There is a streetlight in front of Soo Yeon’s house. From there to home, it takes 280 steps. If we have been walking away from each other for 14 years, how many steps will it take to get back? If she doesn’t come even if I wait, that doesn’t mean that she abandoned me… it means she is on her way.” — Jung Woo

In Time With You
“Do you even love me? Or do I just fit your qualifications for a life partner? Love isn’t meeting conditions, especially if you are considering marriage. Without love, marriages won’t last.” – Da Ren

Invincible Shan Bao Mei
“For the person fated to be with you, it doesn’t matter how much you hate him in the beginning. In fate, the chance of love is 100%.” – Xin Yi
“Life is like a delicious roast duck. Without going through the test of fire, the duck skin won’t be crisp and juicy and the duck meat won’t be crunchy. That’s what ‘real gold doesn’t fear fire’ means. A good duck isn’t afraid of getting roasted.” – Shan Bao
“There’s only one reason for loving someone, and that’s love.” – Xin Yi

It Started With a Kiss
“The one that you love is me. You’re not allowed to love anybody else.” – Zhi Shu
“Actually, I now realize that she is special to you. You’re always well-mannered and polite in front of me. You never raise your voice. But in front of her, you’re human. One with flesh and blood, one with emotion to feel love, anger, sadness and happiness. I really like you. I’ve never liked someone this much. Can you tell me how to replace her in your heart?” – Hua Lan
“Like a broken record, she kept telling me that she loved me… it was so annoying. But when this became a regular part of my life and I took it for granted, she suddenly told me she didn’t love me anymore. I can still clearly remember the nauseating feeling I had when she said that. I should have been relieved, but that didn’t seem to be the case. In this world I can do 90% of the things she cannot do. The remaining 10% that she can do that I cannot do, she can do it in a way that no one else can. It is mostly because of that she touched me.” – Zhi Shu
“Where would I go to find someone as right for me as you? Like this, I can have the perfect embrace. And the you that completes me.” – Zhi Shu

“I’ve decided. History is far tougher than I realized. If so, I won’t second guess myself any more and just face it. In the end, all people can do is live doing all they can. With this hand… I will save everyone I possibly can. And, even if just a little, I will advance the needle of medicine. I may… even be able to change your destiny. The possibility is nearly zero. But, I’m certain it isn’t absolutely zero. The faint flutter of a butterfly’s wing… can eventually result in a storm.” – Jin
“God gives us challenges so we can overcome them.” – Jin

K-POP – The Ultimate Audition
“Dreams will be fulfilled if you want them badly enough.” – Seung Yeon

Killer K
“Just so you know, spending today with you was the second happiest moment of my life. The happiest being… the first time I met you.” – Youngmin

Kimi wa Petto
“I have someone whom I can show my weaknesses and even my most embarrassing side. Because that is like a miracle, I will never let go of this hand again.” – Sumire
“I… liked being Momo. The role was a little difficult and playing it was sometimes painful. But I felt that however I was outside, whenever I came back here, I could be Momo, so I was happy. I was happy to be held by you, Sumire-chan.” – Momo
“Expired huh… I guess everything has an end. Oh hey, I decided I don’t want omelette after all. You can just make do with what you already have, just don’t leave.” – Momo

K.O.3an Guo
“Let me ask you, tomorrow or the future, which one comes first?” – Ah Xiang

Koishite Akuma
“True love… once it begins, it never ends! It continues unto death!” – Hiroto
“To get married or not, shouldn’t the decision make you happy?” – Jiro
“You give the impression that you know everything in this world, but you don’t understand a thing. People’s feelings… interpersonal relationships… human beings can learn so many things from each other.” – Natsukawa Sensei

“I want to be the sky. Not a river, I want to be the sky. Then I will instantly know where you are. If there was someone hurting you, I could fly there and beat him up. I could protect you.” – Hiro
“Clear skies will mean you are happy. Rain will mean you’re crying. Sunset means you are embarrassed. Night will mean you are gently holding me.” – Mika
“I saw the never changing sky in a completely different light. Only because we are gazing up at it together, the skies have come infinitely more beautiful.” – Mika
“Even though you’re no longer by my side; up until now, I’m still in love with this sky.” – Mika
“As ordinary as I am, Hiro found me amongst the multitude. That’s why, I just had to keep being myself. I was so happy.” – Mika
“My life doesn’t only belong to me. Half of it belongs to Mika.” – Hiro
“Did you know, I’m still in love with this blue sky… until forever and ever, eternally.” – Mika
“I think you must be crying now. But, I want to see you smile. I hope that as you read those happy memories, it will bring your smile out. You have to be happy in life after this too. Though I grumbled about my illness, but because I had the chance to meet you, I am deeply grateful. To have met you, to have spent my life with you, I’m really very happy. I believe I’m the most fortunate person in this world. That’s why, I want to see you smile.” – Hiro
“Hiro’s the one who gave me memories of first love. Hiro’s the one who gave me the taste of happiness. Also, Hiro’s the one who taught me to be strong. Life isn’t just all bright and glory. On my journey of life from now on… I’m sure to come across more heartaches and losses; but I’m going to be fine. Because I met you, I have the courage to say I’m no longer afraid. Thank you, Hiro.” – Mika

“I will arrest you before I leave. Because you stole my heart.” – Kurosagi

Last Friends
“Fateful meetings happen pretty coincidentally…” – Takeru
“The reason why I look away from you is because I want to look at you forever. The reason why I cant be gentle to you is because I dont want to lose you.” – Ruka

Legacy (Korea)
“My dear sister, as far as I know, legitimate and illegitimate are just the same as long as it has ‘timate'” – Bernadette
“I won’t stoop down to your level, I’ve heard it’s muddy down there. Besides, my czarina sarte gown might get dirty.” – Natasha
“Don’t tell me that striding their legs to you is also now a job description for your factory workers?” – Eva
“Don’t tell me you replaced me for a slut who is earning below the minimum wage?” – Eva
“Men will always be men. No matter how delicious the food is, they will get tired of eating it again and again.” – Don

Legacy (Phillipines)
“Why? Are you a doctor? I don’t want your medicine. I might be overdosed.” – Bernadette

Let’s Go To The Beach
“You may spare your ‘I Love You’s’, but don’t spare your heart.” – Mi Ja

Lie To Me
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“Hurting people is not what makes you strong. If you call people like that strong, I would rather not be like them.” – Ayumu

“Although we can’t see it, everyone has a red thread tied to their little finger and the other end of the thread is tied to the person who has the conjugal tie. However, the thread is entangled, so it is hard to find the other end. And sometimes, people just get lost. But some day, we will hold the red thread and stand in front of our conjugal tie.” – Ja Kyung
“I pray not for forgiveness, but for permission to return to your side.” – Yool Joo
“To say goodbye, your eyes have to forget her face, your ears have to forget her voice, your head has to forget her name, and your heart… your heart has to forget your love for her.” – Kang Wook

Love Buffet
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Love Complex
“You idiot! Why are you giving up? Height doesn’t matter, right? Even if you can’t win, play your game! Even if you cant win… make me feel excited! me, the girl who loves you!” – Risa

Love Contract
“If you can reincarnate, what do you wanna be in your next life? I think I want to become a rock. A stone has no troubles and lives a simple life. The worst that could happen would be being stepped on, but that won’t hurt. Am I right? What about you? What are you thinking? I’ve already thought it over for you. You’ll become the wind. Because the wind is one of the world’s cleanest things. Moreover, the wind can blow upon the rock, moving it. As it blows, the rock will eventually turn into sand. This way, the sand and wind can be together. Sand and wind are meant to be together.” – Ah Ken
“But I know that when I meet him, he will exist in my heart silently and quietly. He will hear me from afar and I will know I am fortunate.” – Xiao Feng

Love Keeps Going
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Love Queen
“I never thought that our love would be like planes. They may come from the same place but eventually, they fly into different directions.” – Jia Xin

Love Rain
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“I’m not superman who saves both Earth and the girl.” – Kang Jae
“There’s only so many years in one’s life, why must you live it with someone who doesn’t love you?” – Mi Joo

Lovers in Paris
“Girls often dream about this. Where she feels like a withered flower surrounded by all these fabulous people. Then out of nowhere, this prince on a white horse calls her name, holds her shoulder, gently touches her hair and walks her home. But that is too perfect.” – Tae-young
“There’s a saying that there’s no reason for love. It’s a lie. How could someone love without a reason? I can tell you at least 100 reasons why I like you. Your voice, your fingers. Your scent, your shadow. I even like your amnesia. I like everything about you. That’s my reason.” – Soo Hyuk
“Don’t you see me? Don’t you? Did you think about how I would feel? The girl I love cries before me. And I can’t do anything for her. How would I have felt asking another man to help you? Don’t you understand? You are in here. I don’t know who is in your heart. But you are in here. I don’t know who you are thinking about but I only think of you. You should know that because I plan of staying this way. There’s one more thing. I really like you and I hope you like me. Be careful.” – Soo Hyuk
“I’m sorry for making you lose your smile. You weren’t like this before. You were always smiling but you’re not anymore. I think I made you this way. I’m sorry.” – Tae Young
“This is the first time I touch your face. But the first thing I touch is your tears. You were crying too when I first saw you. But I do not have a handkerchief now, so please don’t cry. I’m leaving, and I won’t offer words of congratulations. From now on, I’m over you.” – Soo Hyuk

Lovers in Prague
“Do you know how far the distance is between a couple when they sleep with their backs to each other? Once around the earth. If you want to see the other person’s face again, you have to go around the earth. If you turn your back, that’s how far it becomes.” – Young-woo

Maging Sino Ka Man
“I never said that I love you!” – JB Berenguer

Majo no Jouken
“Is loving a 17 year old boy an illness? If it is then I’ll keep the illness. I don’t have to be cured.” – Michi

Man of Honor
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“You know, I think people are naturally good guys. Surely the criminal is like that too. But, because of me, I’m wondering maybe I turned that guy into an evil person.” – Naoto
“I have… no right to love somebody.” – Ryo
“That person must be in pain too. I think he wants to be stopped, so he won’t hurt anymore victims. I’m not sure if I can do it, but for that person’s sake, I want to stop him. The man in this picture book, he waited the entire time in the tunnel for his little sister to come, didn’t he? I think that person must have cried in the dark tunnel too. Surely, I think he wants to be saved by someone.” – Shiori

“Before, I always thought there was nothing to be terrified of in this world. But ever since I met you, I’ve got a lot of things to be afraid of. Now what I’m afraid of most is when you sit on the back seat of my motorcycle. I absolutely can’t make any mistake. I can’t lose you like that.” – Ling

Mary Stayed Out All Night
“If you think about it, there is sunshine, rain and wind inside this little seed, so doesn’t it make you feel as though you are eating up the sun every time you have one?” – Mae-Ri
“I want to put lyrics to this song that are expressly for you. How about you write the lyrics yourself? That’s how music is completed—music and lyrics meet, and make one song. Like us.” – Moo-Kyul
“There was a time I had feelings for you, in the middle somewhere.” – Moo Kyul
“I don’t know if it’s just that I want to win, or if it’s because I like you. I can’t figure out if it’s fake, or real. I’m tired. Let’s end it.” – Moo-kyul
“I haven’t lived that much, but I think in life you can’t always say everything, even though you are wronged or feel angry. I’ll just reiterate the main point: It wasn’t me. But in that situation, it was understandable that you misunderstood, and I think your behavior to me was understandable. So I’ll be understanding. We’ll be seeing each other at the office, so I’d like if we didn’t have any more uncomfortable situations.” – Mae-Ri
“Which one is the most important between trust, hope and love? Loyalty.” – Mae Ri
“Love is like a car accident. Just like a car accident, with out any warning, love found us.” – Mae Ri

Material Girl
“Remember how I said I would always be honest when using the words ‘I love you’? Right now, I don’t even need to use these words. He doesn’t even expect me to say them. I thought I just needed money and that true love was unimportant, but why do I feel that my life is incomplete? Someone once told me that in order to do well in life all I needed to do was marry a rich man. That was the way to gain happiness. Tomorrow I’ll reach that goal, I’ve made mistakes in the past in the name of love, but this time I’m sure that I will grasp the opportunity and live a rich life.” – Chu Man

Me Too, Flower!
“Every single word you have spoken is sharp, sarcastic and twisted. When I thought you were abnormal you suddenly turned out to be normal. When I thought you were normal you turned out to be abnormal.” – Jae Hee
“You are beautiful. So beautiful that I just want to run off with you.” – Jae Hee
“I… am someone who knows the power of Twitter. Go home and ask your daughter about the power of Twitter. All it takes is a single post. And also, drop the habit of making others kneel. The knee will get hurt. Don’t be like this…” – Jae Hee
“There’s a hungry beggar who meets an ahjumma who sells hotcakes. The ahjumma tempts the beggar with a hotcake, but she throws in a muddy puddle. The beggar has two choices: pick up the hotcake and eat it or refuse it and keep some self-respect. Which one should the beggar choose?” – Dr Park

Mei-chan no Shitsuji
“A person with no will to fight will never be happy.” – Mei

Meteor Garden
“You are so stupid. If I fight back, I will lose. Then there is no way I can protect you. Taking care of them is easy but I just want to hold on and not fight back, because at that time I was only thinking I want to protect you. If I die today, don’t be sad. Do not cry either.” – Dao Ming Si
”When I was young, there was a friend who told me that if you can’t hold back your tears, you can stand upside down. In this way, the tears that would fall will stop..” – Lei
“Say it. Just a simple I like you, say it. You really hate me that much? You really like Lei so much? Why Lei… why my best friend… I feel like a fool, why I would like a girl like you? I am Dao Ming Si, the best in the world. I can’t believe I fell in love with a girl like you. I am an idiot. Don’t even say you regret this.” – Ming Si
“When you are flying the kite, it feels very far away, but there will always be the string connected to it, so you don’t feel too bad about it.” – Shan Cai
“I will follow you wherever you go. Even in hell I would still follow you. In my eyes there was only you.” – Ming Si
“Romance is like black coffee. It carries bitterness, but it’ll help you grow up and give you courage for next time.” – Xi Men
“I wanted to ask you this a long time ago. Women are not canned foods, how can they have expiration dates?” Ming Si

Meteor Garden II
“There are two types of regret in this world. One is losing the person you love. The other is seeing your beloved lose happiness.” – Ze Lei
“Stop it! I have lost my memory but I can still see. Shan Cai is not that kind of person.” – Ming Si
“Even if Dao Ming Si never regains his memory, the sun will still rise and set, we will be breathing and living, and I will still sleep 12 hours a day.” – Ze Lei
“There’s no love in this world which you control. There’s only power, gains, and yourself. A woman who traded somebody’s life and her son’s happiness for her own gains wouldn’t care about whether or not her son lives or dies. You might as well treat me like a dead man.” – Ming Si
“You’re right. I haven’t fallen enough times. But to someone like you who has never fallen, you probably don’t understand that the more times I fall, the more fearless I become.” – Ming Si

Miss No Good
“If we cheat, we’ll be losing to ourselves.” – Tang Men
“Why must you change the way you are when God gave you these qualities? It’s really unnatural.” – Grandma
“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what flavor you’ll get.” – Xiao Hua

Miss Ripley
“Waiting is also a solution. But waiting for that kind of thing is not easy. No, it is very difficult. Love that is easy to get will also be easy to lose…” — Yoo Hyun

Momo Love
“I don’t understand girls – Happy, they won’t eat. Sad, they won’t eat.” – Chen He
“I’m actually worried about other things… did you think I was worried about you? I don’t need to worry about you. I’m by your side right now. I suddenly feel like I can surely protect you. So I’m not worried about you.” – Yu Yi
“This house has a barrier around it… sometimes it protects me, sometimes even I can’t penetrate it.” – Yu Yi
“Let’s confront this undeniable blood relationship. We won’t have a wedding, we can’t have kids, we won’t be given blessings. There won’t be a wedding ring on this finger, but you’re the one who I’ve seen as my only love in this lifetime. If you’re willing, I’ll stay by you side and protect you and love you for the rest of my life.” – Shi Lang
“I was thinking… the stone that determines your loved one… you may not be satisfied with this stone, but people can change. So instead of picking up a stone from just anywhere, why not try touching the stone in your hands? You never know, the stone might feel better in your hands every time you touch it.” – Yu Yi
“Love… is like looking for a very beautiful stone. However, one can only hold onto one stone. If he wants to look for a better stone, he will have to let go of his current piece of stone.” – Hui Qi

“I think the love small children give to their parents is unconditional. Even if children are abandoned or nearly killed by their parents, they will still love them. No matter what. That’s why parents shouldn’t let their children go, no matter what. She betrayed my love. I don’t want to see her.” – Nao

Muscle Girl!
“Family is fighting together, practicing together, sleeping together, waking up together and eating together.” – Ji Ho

My Boss My Hero
“School is boring and dull, but I go here to learn to be a proper adult.” – Jun

My Friend Is Still Alive
“The things I wish to do with my first love. Now that I think of it, I have done all of them with you first. To ride a bicycle together. To feed each other with good food. To watch the stars together. To spend the whole night together. I did these with you first. Without leaving any of them out. Although I will definitely not like a guy, but thinking of it like this, my first love seems to be you. Therefore
although I can’t have my first kiss, I will still die after having my first love.” – Kyung Sook

My Girl (Japan)
“Simply for Koharu-Chan’s smile… I have to keep trying my best.” – Masamune
“If you keep making excuses like that all the time, then even if a million years pass, nothing is going to change. I’m not like that. Right now, I’m gonna take the kind of photo that’s still gonna be around in a million years!” – Kimura
“The power of nature is amazing huh? Even though it has fallen to the ground, it will return to the soil and become of a new life someday.” – Youko
“I guess when you have something to protect, you become stronger.” – Nakazono
“No matter what beautiful, memorable scenery I photograph… if someone important isn’t smiling with me, the picture means nothing to me.” – Masamune
“The steps on this path I’m taking are still a little unsteady… that’s why Koharu-chan, who is always looking straight ahead and moving forward, looks somewhat dazzling to me.” – Masamune

My Girl (Korea)
“Whenever you have someone you love by your side, you can’t hear or see anything but them.” – Yoorin
“You will be blessed!” – Yoorin
“On snowy days, my love Mr. Snowman may actually be thinking about me.” – Yoorin
“I’ll let her go. I won’t let her go. I have to let her go. I can’t let her go. I can let her go. I don’t… want to let her go.” – Gong Chan
“If you’re gonna cry in front of me about another man… then stop being so pretty to me.” – Jeong Woo
“Because you make me so worried, mad, and make me think about you a lot… I’m going crazy!” – Gong Chan
“You… you can’t lie about love” – Yoo Rin
“That’s right, I’m crazy. But, I don’t ever want to go back to being of sound mind again. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. Because as crazy as I may get, I only have eyes for Ju Yoo Rin.” – Gong Chan
“From now on… I’ll stop lying…. I love you.” – Yoo Rin
“Alright, turn your back on me. But I’ll always be right here.” – Jeong Woo

My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox
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My Lovely Sam Soon
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My Lover, My Wife
“What’s the problem? Let’s live together here! The wife and the mistress, inside one bed, isn’t it great! – April
How many times did you make love with my husband? Twice? Thrice or four times on a week? What? Did you enjoy it? – Ji An
How pitiful of you! Is there no other guy who wants to love with you? – Ji An
“You lied to her so don’t act like you’re a good person because we are both sinners. The three of us will stay here. We will endure each other and if can take the heat, she’s yours, but if she leaves, you’re mine.” – April
“Don’t tell me you tripped and your lips fell to her lips.” – Ji An

My Lucky Star
“If I choose to be with him there’s only one possibility for me and that is pain, but if i choose to leave him I can have thousands of possibilities.” – Zhi Xing
“A person must have some ambition though, right? Right now, listen to uncle. Go back to your room, have a good cry, let it all out, go to sleep, and tomorrow will be another beautiful day.” – Guang Ming
“So, that’s how my heart was thinking. I just wanted to use her, nothing else. But when I saw her again, I can’t help it but to chase her. When I saw she was framed for the stolen ring, I can’t stop myself from protecting her. I am also mad at how easily I am affected by her. I don’t know. Does this mean I still care about her? My heart really can’t let her go.” – Tian Qi
“You’re the only one I could pour my troubles to. How does it feel? Are you moved? If there was no Ya Rou, I would surely fall in love with you.” – Tian Qi

My Princess
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Mysterious Incredible Terminator
“If you wanted to be her good luck charm then say so. Why are you pretending to be cool?” – Hui Hong
“Don’t forget. Now you have a smart boyfriend, so no matter where you are I will find you. Got it?” – Shi De
“I will definitely end the game so you can go back to being Lucifer; back to being my cute and adorable girlfriend. I will demand my girlfriend not to cry alone and if you want to cry… I’ll cry with you. Lucifer come out!” – Shi De
“Even if you are, you’re the most cutest bad person. The best bad person.” – Hui Hong
“Or you can order your boyfriend to not hate you.” – Shi De
“Lucifer is you, Li Xiao Xing is also you. You are you. I will never hate you.” – Shi De
“Lucifer, if anything happens you can’t lose your chance of getting out of here. Don’t mind me.” – Shi De
“If you dare cry again, be careful because I’ll kiss you.” – Shi De
“Li Xiao Xing, I don’t hate you, what I hate is… myself. Everytime I see you… it seems I am looking into a mirror. I always see my worst attributes. I always see the truth I don’t want to face. In my life… I can’t be your magical detective, justice hero, because I have this strange illness called Meniere’s syndrome. I let down not only my dad, but also you. I’m sorry.” – Shi De
“Although I don’t like nerdy girls, ugly girls, or weird girls, Lucifer is a flower in Pi Li MIT!” – Fu Hao

Nice Guy
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Nobuta wo Produce
“People can change.” – Nobuta
“Everything in the world is a game, thinking you lost if you give up in the middle. You’re stupid. The one who lasts till the end enjoying the game is the winner. That’s probably the rules of this world.” – Shuji
“I was digging for a long time on my own, like a mole underground. And then suddenly you two came up. In the future, am I gonna suddenly meet people like this? If so… it’s not so bad digging by myself.” – Nobuta
“If at least one person knows the truth, that’s enough.” – Mariko
“It is difficult to take in the truth, but it’s not impossible.” – Mariko
“Right now, the person’s hand that you hold, the chance of meeting that person is like a miracle. Even when you go into the light, don’t let go of that hand.” – *writing on the mirror*

Nodame Cantabile
“I will practice violin so hard that I won’t have any time left to cheat on you.” – Mine

Ojakgyo Brothers
“If a person puts his heart on the line and confessed, at most you should have said yes or no so I could understand. Why drive a person crazy? I only understand the clear and direct words, ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I don’t understand anything that is alien like ‘huh’ or ‘uh’. So answer me, I don’t want to be crazy anymore. I’m prepared, so answer me.” – Tae Hee

Operation Proposal
“Miracles. Extraordinary events that occur without explanation. We call these miracles. A miracle could also be our urgent desire ringing like a bell. All of us have the chance to ring that bell at some point in our lives. Whether the bell rings or not, depends on our choices and effort.” – Conductor
“You can learn little from victory but you can learn everything from defeat.” – Coach Jin Won
“Do you know why I love baseball? Because you get three chances.” – Coach Jin Won
“No pay, no trip. No chance if you don’t pay. Life is like that.” – Conductor
Do you know why I like sports? Talents don’t discriminate between rich and poor.” – Coach Jin Won

Orthos no Inu
“In this world, there are many things that don’t exist because people don’t believe in them.” – Ryuzaki
“If you really want to protect someone, you should make that person stronger so that he can survive without your powers. That’s the true meaning of ‘protecting’.” – Ryuzaki
“Pain makes you feel alive sometimes.” – Ryuzaki
“If there’s someone you really want to protect, you should make that person strong; so that even if you are not around, he can continue living on his own. That’s what it really means to protect someone.” – Ryuzaki

Personal Taste
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Playful Kiss
“Even if he’s cold towards me, even if he says things I don’t like… it was nice just being with him.” – Ha Ni
“I think that for two people to like each other at the same time is nearly a miracle. One day, will that miracle happen for me?” – Ha Ni
“When you find something you like, your heart races. – Ha Ni
“A person’s feelings don’t have one answer like a math problem.” – Ha Ni
“The harder it is to achieve a dream, the more meaningful it is to go for it.” – Seung Jo
“My dream’s simple… and does whatever it pleases. I’m just moving in the direction of Seung Jo who’s at the center of it.” – Ha Ni
“My fallen heart doesn’t know. But I will put effort and pretend that I don’t know.” – Ha Ni
“No matter how unfriendly you are, you have always listened to my requests. Your kindness is always saving me.” – Ha Ni
“In this world I probably know best. The person I like doesn’t look at me but looks at someone else, smiles for someone else. I really know how you’re feeling. And I can’t truthfully be jealous either. I think if two people naturally like each other, it’s almost like a miracle. Someday, will that miracle come true for me too?” – Ha Ni
“You are my life’s navigation. You guide me through the road I have to take. Please let me know about life’s directions, speed and locations.” – Seung Jo
“It’s good that you two are close but please take all precautions before you get married. Eun Jo lives here too.” – Soo Chang

Prince Turns to Frog
“Towards the past or the present, I can’t be sure… but one thing that I can be sure of is that I like you” – Jun Hao

Proposal Daisakusen
“Humans don’t understand the reality of something until it’s over.” – Yosei
“I always thought that because we are always together, I could tell you my feelings anytime but it’s too late now.” – Ken-zou
“If you keep on thinking tomorrows always going to come, you’re going to end up in pain. Those who said that they’ll do things tomorrow are idiots.” – Yosei
“Humans have this bad habit of turning to words like ‘never expected’ or ‘accidental’ whenever anything unfavorable happens.” – Yosei
“I realized that the regret from not doing something at all is more painful than failure.” – Ken-zou
“If one doesn’t go face-to-face with it and shuts the door of miracles with his own hands, there is no way you’ll receive happiness.” – Yosei
“Human beings look for reasons when things don’t go well. The circumstances, the timing, the weather and the luck. They pull out all these various excuses to console themselves. ‘It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.’, ‘If only I could do it all over again.’ Will it really turn out well if you get to do it all over again?” – Yosei

Prosecutor Princess
“How many people are there who do it because they like it? They do these things to feed themselves, to live and not to die. Living is just like that. Who are you to do the things you like or find funny?” – In Woo
“A person’s feeling can’t be controlled as he wills.” – Prosecutor Jin

Protect the Boss
“Everyone has to face reality. There will always be a day when they come to their senses and go back to how their lives should be. So I can’t trapped like this. I need to be on my guard. If not, then my own life will be very tortured.” — Eun Seol
You said I’m a god. Bring me down from heaven. I… I want you to see me as a man.” — Moo Won
“This part-timer here gets four dollars an hour and works hard. He gave you more than four dollars worth of service. I’m sorry, but you will never be welcome as a customer anywhere.” – Ji Heon
“It doesn’t matter who, but everyone has a dark time in their life. I think that everyone has at least one thing from the past they want to bury.” – Eun Seol
“Like in a triple beam balance, there was nothing that had the same weight in choices of life: it always tilted to one side no matter what.” – Moo Won
“No Eun Sol, after we get married, let’s continue to be in love…” – Ji Heon

Que Sera, Sera
“I like ahjusshi. I like you so, so much. I don’t want to be like this. I want to forget all about you. But it’s still ahjusshi, all the way to my fingertips.” – Eun Soo

Queen In Hyun’s Man
“It’s been unfair for me to suffer, so I was going to slap you when we met again, but now that you’re crying, I can’t even scold you. You’re such a player. A natural born player.” – Hee Jin

Queen Seon Deok
“At least with me, you can be yourself, only then will my heart throb.” – Bi Dam
“For someone like me whose own nation would mean nothing without you, how could power and state affairs possibly matter?” – Bi Dam
“Deokman, the path ahead of you will be arduous and it will be painful. You will lose beloved ones, and experience utmost loneliness. It will be more barren and dim than in the dessert for it will seem like you have the world, but in truth, you will not be able to gain anything. But, still… you must endure it. All right? Endure it. Endure it to the end.” – Queen Seon Deok
“You are building great dreams upon the frail, frail heart of a human.” – Lady Mishil
“I’m just like a duck. A duck follows the first thing it saw. And Deokman is the first thing I saw.” – Bidam
“There is no place in history for a man driven by his heart.” – Chunchu
“I realized today that nothing in life is more dangerous than surviving itself.” – Deokman
“While you still can fight, fighting is all you need to do. And when you no longer can, protecting it you must. When you can no longer protect it, retreat is all it takes. And when retreat is not an option, surrender is your next best decision. Should even surrender prove impossible, on that day, demise shall be your best compeer.” – Lady Mishil

Reply 1997
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Ring Ring Bell
“The moment you attack in the ring, if you hesitate, it’s providing life an opportunity to break – letting oneself suffer failure. Similarly, what fate has on love is often in between that side of advancing or retreating – approaching happiness or missing it.” – Jia Kai
“I remember telling you I’d love you forever, always take care of you and never leave you. I’m sorry I broke my promise. I love you, but I let you go so you could live a better life.” – Jia Kai
“Thank you for your sincere embrace. Our surroundings often make us feel exhausted, but I would like to tell her not to give up on herself. Don’t easily let reality beat you down. Don’t forget the passion in your life and don’t lose your courage to embrace the world.” – Jia Kai
“This is the treble clef, the present from the woman I love the most. She said that the treble clef is the beginning of all beautiful music. I am giving this to you. From now on, your life will be filled with happy notes, to give you the courage to chase after the person you like.” – Jia Kai
“In the past someone told me that no matter what obstacle comes my way, to not give up and to never bow my head down to reality, lose my passion for life, or lose the courage to embrace this world.” – Xiao Xiang

Rolling Love
“Even though right now you’re really frustrated, and I can’t help you with anything, but I just have to be by your side. We don’t have to know where we are going. You also don’t have to listen to what I’m saying. But you can’t not let me be by your side!” – Michelin
“Xiao Shu, do you know? To me, you’ve never lost your vision. You’ve seen more things, more personalities than anyone else has.” – Leng Lie
“Xiao Shu, are you an angel? You must be one. I wish I could be your wings and accompany you to fly in the sky forever. Without you, I would definitely lose my way. It doesn’t matter how far apart we are; I will definitely protect you.” – Michelin
“Happiness in which only you are happy is not happiness. Happiness that you give to others to make them happy is happiness.” – Ghost Grandmother
“Cooking is actually very similar to life. Sometimes having imperfections can make it perfect.” – Leng Lie
“Don’t you feel that the best part about eating a lunchbox is when you open it and breathe in the delicious scent?” – Xiao Shu
“Originally, I just wanted to run far, far away from here. But then I realized that I had nowhere to go, because where I want to be is where you guys are.” – Xiao Shu

Romance Town
“I also don’t want to like you. But even so, if we were able to hold back our unwanted feelings, would we be human? Just like how I can’t control other people’s feelings, sometimes I can’t control my feelings as well. If people are able to control when their heart beats, then they’re definitely not human. One’s heart cannot be controlled.” – Soon Geum
“Who told you to wear something that’s worth 18 million won? On top of that, having your hair and make-up done. That is to say, a complete head-to-toe transformation! But no one recognized you, right? That’s how it is these days. Although you’re still No Seun Gum on the inside, you are only judged by your appearance – nothing else. This is society’s nauseating attitude nowadays.” – Ahjumma
“I prefer fatty. The person I used to know… that extremely fat fatty was a kind person… gentle and considerate too. He was also very innocent and sincere.” – Soon Geum
“Even if you’re a fool or someone naive, I’ll still like you. Even if you are fat or poor, I will still like you. It’s okay if your cooking is worse than mine, and it’s okay if you can’t babysit as well as I can, because I can do all of those things. It’s okay if you can’t drink as well as I can, it’s okay if you don’t know how to have fun like me. It’s okay if you’re pettier than me since you don’t hold grudges. It’s okay if you’re meaner than me because you have a kind heart.” – Soon Geum
“Can you let me understand you better? Because this is the first time I’ve met a special woman like you who is always on my mind…” – Young Hee
“I hate that you don’t have the insight. I hate that you shamelessly returned despite being kicked out. I hate that you don’t even seem to have the slightest self-respect. And also the fact that you used San as your ‘heart-wrenching’ excuse to return. Back to this hell-hole.” – Gun Woo

Rooftop Prince
“Even if you didn’t come to meet me, I’m just going to like you.” – Park Ha
“As long as you have the memories, you can be with that person forever.” – Park Ha
“Don’t cry, you will have good memories from now on.” – Lee Gak
“Even after 300 years I’ll still be loving you.” – Park Ha
“A human being may lose his memories, but not his ability.” – Tae Mu
“Do you know how much I looked for you? Writing a measly letter and not being reachable by phone, are you planning to kill me out of shock? Why are you rendering me to such a state? Why did you make me like this? My heart felt as if it’s shriveled up all day yesterday, and my heart was racing and felt as if it was going to explode and I felt so exasperated, and I felt asphyxiated even when I was breathing and seriously thought I was going to go crazy! Despite how much I shouted and stomped my feet, it didn‘t make me feel better, even in the slightest! But now, after seeing your face, I think I understand. I had wanted to see you all day yesterday. I like you.” – Lee Gak
“This thing called thinking, just as you think of it, the more you think of it, the best thinking can be not to think of it.” – Chi San

Hands are interesting indeed. If you clench it, it’s a fist. If you open it, it’s a palm. Your palm is the heart of your hand. I believe someday you will open your fist by yourself. – Koichi
“If you got courage, you can change!” – Koichi

Ryusei no Kizuna
“You, will live. Live and pay for your crimes and continue watching how we live from now on. Live, and watch the family of the deceased laugh and cry. Dying and having it end is wishful thinking. No matter how painful it is, even if it’s more painful then death, you’ll just live. Got it?” – Koichi
“For money… my parents were killed for damn money. Killing them to steal the food’s flavor was way better! Money doesn’t matter. Anyone has that.” – Koichi

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~
“If you give up, it’s over. But if you don’t give up, the day will come when you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.” – Masato
“All people are bound to die one day, so it makes you wonder why we are even born.” – Iwada
“If we could read people’s minds like an X-ray, the world would be in a panic. Lying is important too.” – Itsuo

Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School
“I’m sorry, I never should have come back in your life. I forgot for a moment how low my life was. I feel really bad, that’s life. Don’t follow me… I said don’t follow me! Go while I’m letting you… run away! If you keep this up I’ll never, never let go!” – Sang Doo

Save The Last Dance For Me
“When destiny comes, you’ll know it for sure. I’m not clear about it, I just know it is so. A feeling of absolute certainty… of knowing you belong to each other. That’s how it’s like. In my eyes, she’s all that I see.” – Hyun Woo
“Even though things are difficult for everyone right now, it’ll be alright in no time. We’ve gotten over harder times. This is nothing.” – Eun Soo
“You foolish girl. You think I’d leave you? You think I’d let you go as you please? You think I’d let you hurt alone?” – Hyun Woo
“I’ll hold your hand for life. I’ll save the last dance for you. I won’t let go of your hand again… forever.” – Hyun Woo
“It doesn’t matter what his reason is, I’m scared that I will not be able to forgive him.” – Hyun Woo
“If my memory doesn’t return, no even if my memory does return and I return to my unfamiliar reality, I’ll love you and be with you forever… I promise.” – Hyun Woo
“You should be smiling like this… and lose all forgotten memories. That’s the way you should live.” – Eun Soo
“There are those people who love only once in their lives. Maybe I am one of them.” – Eun Soo
“Now I understand how lonely and cold it must have felt for Eun Soo when I was missing.” – Hyun Woo
“Stupid. I will always love you no matter what, even if you are in a wheelchair.” – Hyun Woo
“When you love a person secretly, it could be as if in heaven if you are not greedy. Yet, if you are greedy, it could be like hell.” – Hyun Woo
“I have many things to tell you, and if I don’t say them now, I’m scared I will forget. But when I see you, I don’t know where to start.” – Hyun Woo

Scent of a Woman
“Are you writing down your next bucket-list?” – Ji Wook
“If I had continued to be the old Lee Yeon Jae, who was bullied so much that she didn’t speak, I wouldn’t have the courage to get close to you, I wouldn’t have thought of letting mother remarry, I wouldn’t have traveled. Fighting my way through each day. It would probably be like that. Only dreaming of happiness. But, I’m really happy now. What should we do tomorrow?” – Yeon Jae
“I’ll just live for today. For this moment, this day. That’s enough. Without regrets.” – Yeon Jae
“This is a wish that is fulfilled everyday. Because you fall asleep in my arms everyday.” – Ji Wook
“There are times when I’m sad and times when I want to cry. Sometimes, there are times when my heart feels like it’s ripping apart. However, I’m still happy. Before I met her, everyday felt dull and meaningless. ‘Even if i die, I wouldn’t regret it’ – I even had those thoughts. However, I don’t feel that way now. I want to love diligently now because of her.” – Ji Wook

Scrap Teacher
“I’ll try my best even alone. Instead of running away, I’ll keep trying my best. I believe that this school is going to change.” – Kusaka

Secret Garden
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Shining Inheritance
“Who cares about all that, when I believe in you, when I like you, when I want to be with you.” – Hwan
“Somewhere along the way, I realized that I smiled and cried because of him.” – Eun Sung
“People who want to go will go. People who want to come will come. People that you want to meet, you will meet.” – Granny
“Love comes back again and again… even though it hurts, it’ll come back.” – Hye Ri
“Money is not dirty or good, it’s scary. Money has to be scary and difficult. So that this amount continues to circulate under my grasp.” – Sook Ja

“There are three types of lies – One, a lie to protect yourself. Two, a lie to deceive someone else. Three, a lie to protect someone else.” – Kyoichiro
“Blood relationships are unimaginably strong – Even if you two have never met before, blood can recognize related blood, they can’t be separated. It’s up to you to cherish that bond.” – Kyoichiro
“People lie to escape from their sins and to live for their lives.” – Kyoichiro
“No matter how many times you fail, do not do something you’ll regret.” – Koki
“The way you live determines the way you die.” – Kyoichiro
“A detective’s job is not only solving crime, not just apprehending a criminal, but saving every person who is involved with the case.” – Ami

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band
“This voice is so strange – when I’m lonely it makes my heart feel warm, when I’m excited it makes my heart race, and when I’m sad it makes me want to cry.” – Soo Ah
“When you like somebody, you always feel like you’re not good enough. Because you always want to look good in front of them… but you don’t feel that way for me at all.” – Woo Kyung
“John Lennon said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’. We’re not famous or special, but we’re just doing what we want, right now. The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now, we just shut up and run – to the time that’s waiting for us.” – Ji Hyuk

“Everytime I look into the sky, I remember the boy whom I can never forget. It was he who gave me the best memories of my life.” – Shen Shen

Single Princesses and Blind Dates
“She’s not my older sister. She’s… air. So you don’t have to treat her like she exists. But then again… without air, no human could live.” – Xiao Yao

“If apologising really worked, nobody would go to hell after they die!” – Gong Xi
“If you want to make it big in the business, you must have at every moment, a heart that loves the audience. And a thirst to have some love from them.” – De Yuan
“Even if I gave love, I can’t guarantee that the other will give love back. Even if I was willing to sacrifice my future, I wouldn’t be able to touch the other’s.” – Gong Xi
“What’s going on? Weren‘t these two giving each other the cold treatment just now? Wow, suddenly the aura around those two has completely changed.” – Manager
“But I’ve never seen her the way she is now. Standing silently like a beautiful angel, but when she looks at me, she transforms to a demon.” – Shang
“You‘re too easy to trick. The fact that you are able to live until today is a miracle.” – Lian
“Weird, everyone gets excited and scream when they see you. Why is it that she is depressed and miserable when she sees you?” – Manager

Smile, You
“Women are different from men. When it’s done, it’s done. They don’t look back because they’re practical beings. Don’t you know? Men think about their past loves, but women are focused on their current love.” – Sung Joon
“There shouldn’t be anything you can’t do. If you like her, you should do everything.” – Hyun Soo
“Although you probably didn’t really want to know me anyway. Whomever I meet in the future, I won’t meet with her while thinking of you. If someday, I begin to like someone, I would have already erased you from my heart completely. So you don’t have to worry about that.” – Hyun Soo
“Just because the process is hard, don’t doubt his love.” – Hyun Soo

Smiling Pasta
“Just smile and there’s nothing you can’t overcome.” – Xiao Shi
“If wishes do really come true… can love be forever?” – Xiao Shi

Snow White
“You asked me why I’m being a fool? I used to think that Jin-woo will always be by my side. Although there are lots of women around him, I’ve always believed he’ll come back to me someday. I believed that, because he never really left me. But now he’s getting married. I don’t know what I should do. It’s like how the moon orbits the Earth. I’m the moon. I can’t change my orbiting path.” – Young Hee

Something Happened In Bali
“I want to make you feel good. I want to make you happy. And I want to make you laugh. That’s what I think about every day. But I know in reality it’s the opposite. You get beaten up because of me all the time. You get kicked out and you cry… and that drives me crazy.” – Jae Min

Sorry I Love You
“We’re not meant to be in this life. Let’s meet in the next life. I know I won’t lose you then.” – Eun Chae
“Mom… in my next life, I have to be your son again. Then I will definitely be a kind-hearted son that you love. I love you, mom. I love you, mom. There has never been a moment that thoughts of you left my mind. Mom… that you gave birth to me… thank you.” – Moo Hyuk

Spring Waltz
“We’re so busy thinking about our own bruises, our own scars, we forget how to forgive. But if we just take the time to peek into someone else’s world, even the unforgivable can be forgiven.” – Phillip
“What am I supposed to do? I can’t force her to love me. I’m not gonna beg for love. Let it be. Those two, they’re meant for each other. They’ve fought enough for their love. Let them be. Yes, I love her. I wanna be with her. I wanna make her smile. But there’s no space for us, ok? Not 15 years ago, not today.” – Phillip
“If you love and miss that person, then love can come again when you meet again. Just like playing hide and seek… no matter where it hides or even if you can’t see it, it must be waiting at some place for me. Amid the countless chaos just like the sincere prayers of love, the people in love will surely meet again.” – Eun-young
“I should never have learned Korean. I wish I didn’t know what Eun Young was saying… what she’s thinking… it would be a lot harder to know it and not be able to respond… but I don’t know. Whether it’s in English, German or Korean, I think we’ll be able to understand each other. I think there are just some things that you don’t need language for… laughter, a heart. I like Korea. It’s been difficult. It’s taught me a lot of things. All the people I care about are here… my mom, Eun Young and my best friend.” – Phillip

Stairway to Heaven
“You must want to see the one you love with such clear eyes. I hope you can see all the beautiful things you want while you’re alive. I… I’ll become a blue sky and watch over you.” – Tae-hwa
“People who love each other end up reuniting. No matter how far apart they are, they will reunite in the end. Love is something that returns.” – Song-joo
“Heaven… a place where there is neither sufferings, sadness nor separation. Now we climb the stairways to heaven one step by one step and when we ascend, we will live.” – Jung Suh
“If you said left, then I’d be on the left. If you said right, I’d be on the right. The important thing is not which side, but it’s the trust. Your heart and mine will never change. That kind of trust!” – Song Joo
“Do you know what the fate of a star is? It will either shine brightly or disappear. All the stars in the sky either shine or disappear. People… only see the brightest stars. They can’t even see the dim ones behind them. They only love the stars that shine the brightest. You’re going to become the brightest star.” – Mi Ra

Stand Up!!
“We are not virgins, we are pure!” – Udayan

Stars Falling From the Sky
“You hit me every day for not knowing how to do anything. You should have hit me harder, so I would come to my senses, so I would know how to do something. You made a mistake too, so please help me somehow. Help me make him think, ‘Ah, at least it’s better to have her around than not.’” – Pal Kang
“No, from the start there wasn’t even a 1% chance for me. When I brought the children and came to live in this house, I got rid of all the feelings I had carried for him. And after spending a few days like this, I regretted it, thinking, ‘Why did I waste five years acting so stupid?’” – Pal Kang

Stolen Happiness
“Are you really sure that she is the original wife? Mistresses today are hard to differentiate from the real wife.” – Bridgette
“Oh Bridgette, I didn’t know that leeches are now also lingering in the swimming pools.” – Ellery
“Ellery, look at your swimming attire. It doesn’t look fit on you. You know, if I wear that even I’m pregnant, people will really look and gaze at me.” – Michelle
“Then undress now Bridgette, since your body is really like a buffet table, right? Open to all of the people who wants to enjoy the feast.” – Ellery
“Don’t you remember that your marriage is null and void? Even you stayed in one bed, you are still a mistress.” – Ellery
“The truth is not something we should be ashamed of. If there are people who should be ashamed, those who are the people who deceive and lie.” – Marissa
“Don’t you dare to ask for forgiveness from me. I can never forgive you from the sin you committed. You’re such a moron and shameless, while a few moments ago, you were trying to say that I’m accusing false accusations while all of those are the truth?” – Ellery
“What should I call her? She is the illegitimate daughter of my illegitimate sister.” – Ellery
”What things do you wanted me also to be blamed off? The floods happening in the world? The price inflation of the crude oil? The killings in the street? Go! Blame it all on me! But you cannot change the truth that your child died while you were running away from Jonas. Your child died because of your stupidity. You cannot hurt me anymore. I don’t want this kind of confrontation. We went here to sympathize but I was wrong. You are not worthy of any clemency. You don’t deserve it.” – Ellery

“Do you know when a woman looks the least attractive? When she cries to get out of being responsible for her mistakes.” – Gi Ja
“I’m crying because I feel wronged. I keep making mistakes and nothing seems to work for me.” – Suh Jung
“I smell something. The smell of revolt. The smell of a challenge. Look, there is going to be a huge war soon.” – Jae Suk
“Do you know anything about fashion magazines? Being treated like superficial bimbos by men like you, and having to write about designer brands. Do you know what that feels like?” – Suh Jung
“You’re the one always beside me when a bomb going to explode.” – Suh Jung
“A cuisine without personality, color or lingering taste is therefore a cuisine not worth critiquing.” – Woo Jin

Summer Scent
“When I look at her, my heart brightens up. She’s that kind of girl.” – Jung Jae

Summer’s Desire
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Sungkyunkwan Scandal
“Since when did you hide that pretty face behind the disguise of a boy?” – Sun-joon
“I… like you, Kim Yoon-shik. I, who only walked where there was a road, who only acted according to the rules… who thought propriety was everything — have come to like you… a man. This is why I can’t keep you as a friend or even as a roommate, because I no longer have the confidence to lie to myself and act like I’m ok when you’re with me.” – Sun-joon
“I lied to someone and because of that lie, that person’s holding a very heavy burden. So heavy that they’ve had to give up their long time dream. I want to tell that person the truth so that they can lay that burden down, but I think it’s too late. I’m afraid that the person won’t forgive me. What should I do?” – Yoon-hee
“How much more must I do? Because of you, how much longer must I do such foolish, pathetic and stupid things that I normally wouldn’t do?” – Sun-joon
“I’m more worried about you. To want someone who can’t be yours, being hurt while also hurting the other. Even so, you can’t abandon your feelings and so every day you find yourself lost in hell. That’s what first love is.” – Cho-sun
“If living isn’t better than dying… then what am I? Go. Just go and live the way you want and disappear.” – Yong-ha
“You… you little… from now on, you stay in my sights at all times. Wherever you go, whatever you do, stay in my sights. Because I thought I was losing my mind.” – Jae-shin
“Stay by my side like this indefinitely. Watch me and make sure I’m going the right path. That way I’ll be able to look at you and remember this day. So, stay with me. – Sun-joon
“That foolishness is what people call pride. That pride that you’d die to protect… why can’t I have it? Did you pity me? Up until now, I was just powerless and pitiful to you. So you thought I’d take any helping hand offered to me. Right?” – Yoon-hee

Sunny Happiness
“Did you know that some planets are really small? In one day’s time, they can experience several sunsets. But the Earth is really big, so we can only see one sunset a day, unless you can pilot a plane. After you have seen one, you can hurry to see the next one.” – Yun Jie
“Each time before I see her, my mood will be like it was raining. It is always wet and cold. But the moment she appears, the rain will stop and the sky will clear. Later I finally understood – ‘so this is love’.” – Yun Jie
“I finally realize, I can wait for him in the rain. No matter how long I have to wait for him in the rain, I won’t be afraid, because I know that when he appears the rain will stop. Even though we’ve seen each others weaknesses and ugly sides, we are not even close of being scared. On the opposite we feel safe.” – Yong Yong
“I believe on the day that each person recognizes love, it will be the day when it is most sunny. Perhaps before that day, you will experience all kinds of battles or even storms. But as long as we withstand through it, outside your window will definitely be a sunny day. Moreover it will keep on being sunny.” – Yong Yong

Sweet Buns
“I was hesitant whether I should come to see you. But I really wanted to see you with my own eyes. I wanted to see if you were happy.” – Shin Hyuk

Take Care of the Young Lady
“What can true happiness be? Before Grandfather left, he gave me the present of freedom to find my own happiness. The happiness I never want to lose… is you. But I know… how hard it was for you that I’m Kang Hae Na. So, now I’m planning to leave. When might I return? I don’t think I can say when, but I will definitely return. And if at that time, your happiness is me, and my happiness is you, then, let’s love again. As though we’re meeting for the first time.” – Hae Na
“If there is a next life, if I can love you again, I will never let go of your hand.” – Hae Na
“Agassi, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep the promise of not letting you cry. But I will keep this promise: I will not forget. I will never forget.” – Dong Chan
“For people who have a lot like you, it must be nice to love with style, since you have a lot to lose or throw away. But for people who have nothing like me, the only thing that I can give up for you is myself.” – Dong Chan
“Yes, you’re right. Love alone does not lead to happiness. But it’s harder to be happy without love. That’s what I think.” – Manager Jung
“Why do you think I ran away with you? Because I was bored? To have fun? To see the ocean? No. If you stayed by my side, I thought I could throw away everything. I could even leave my grandfather. That’s how much I liked you, and thought you felt the same way. No matter what happened, I thought you would stay by me and never let me go. That’s what I thought.” – Hae Na
“I’ve loved you since the day I saw you cry. It felt strange, someone like Agassi that lacks nothing… yet I felt sorry for you. So, I wanted to be good to you. Since then, I’ve seen you cry quite often. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman cry as much as you. That’s why… I never want to see you cry again. I’ll make sure you don’t cry.” – Dong Chan
“No person is born evil, but they sometimes succumb to their circumstances.” – Tae Yoon

Take Care of Us, Captain
“A person like me… isn’t even worth the tip of a toe. I can’t even compare to half.” – Yoon Sung
“Then, why do you carry your head? It seems like your head is full of important stuff. Just leave your head at home!” – Da Jin
“Please help me… I’m bleeding badly and can’t stand up alone. What do I do and how do I do it? I don’t know anything as if it’s completely dark”. – Da Jin
“I will be stepped over and more hurtful, but… I’m going to be even more shameless and stronger. So that Han Da Jin can step on me and stand up.” – Jin Won
“Don’t just smile on the outside. Smile on the inside too.” – Dong Soo

Tantei Gakuen Q
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Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
“The beginning of love is always like a baby, very simple and beautiful. No matter how difficult and terrible the love grows into, I cannot avoid that faith.” – Hiroto

Temptation of Wife
“Do not cry. Crying is like begging for help. Just save your tears at the day of celebration.” – Lady Min
“Sacrifices makes life more miserable.” – Eun Jae

Thank You
“Good Morning. Thank you for staying alive.” – Suk Hyun

That Winter, The Wind Blows
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The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
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The Empress
“Humans are lonely creators. Humans always desire and yearn for others. Humans thirst for ambitions. When things don’t go their way, they start thirsting for it even more.” – In Hwa

The Equator Man
“Because I missed you, the water flowed… anyone who has missed someone badly would understand. If the person you miss is not with you, the curiosity and the courage to step into the unknown world suddenly sweeps across your mind. That’s how badly I wanted to get you… I dashed out from the darkness.” – Sun Woo

The King 2 Hearts
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The Legend
“I will say to Heaven, this is what man is. Man amends his mistakes and learns from his ignorance. This is what Heaven is asking us now. Can we stand on our own? Or do we need Heaven to govern us?” – Damdeok
“Anyone can make mistakes.” – Damdeok
“From this moment on, where you are is where my place is.” – Damdeok
“If you won’t come with me, I’ll go to you. All I need is to be with you.” – Damdeok
“I’ll be your shield.” – Damdeok

The Moon That Embraces The Sun
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The Musical
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The Painter of the Wind
“Painting is longing. Longing turns into paintings, and paintings become longing as well. If you’re longing for someone, then because they keep coming to mind, you end up painting them. Thus, longing becomes a painting. Also, even after you’ve forgotten, every time you look at the painting, you long for that person once more. Thus, wouldn’t that be the same as the painting becoming longing? So… isn’t painting the same as expressing longing?” – Yoon Bok

The Princess’ Man
“The heart going out to someone… can’t that be stopped?” – Seung Yoo
“How much… how much pain have you endured? I cannot imagine how you could bear such a terrible pain. If by taking my life away, your pain can be healed… even a thousand, a million times I am willing to die.” – Se Ryung
“Even if these have been broken to pieces… to me, this represents a person who gave me a complete, flawless heart.” – Se Ryung
“Only by living will there be a tomorrow.” – Seung Yoo
“If you follow me, there will be an endless road of hardship…” – Seung Yoo

The Secret That Cannot Be Told
“It doesn’t matter if we will meet again. It doesn’t matter if you will remember me. I just want to tell you a secret. I love you.” – Xiaoyu

The Rose
“All women are flowers… flowers that will bloom as they age till they die. Everyone, from the day they were born, has been carefully growing the flower. Nobody knows what the ending will bring. Therefore, let the flower bud slowly bloom by itself. Your flower, and my flower, which is filled with hope.” – Bai He
“Stop staring at me. When your eyeballs fall out, I won’t pick them up for you.” – Fu Rong

The Queen of SOP
“Lies cannot be exchanged for happiness, only sincerity can.” – Tang Jun

They Kiss Again
“As long as there is love inside your heart, happiness is just around the corner.” – Xiang Qin
“Normally, our lives would never have never intersected. If it wasn’t for her efforts, I wouldn’t have known her, fallen in love with her, and discovered her worth.” – Zhi Shu
“Where should I go to find her? Where should I go to find a hug as perfect as this? Where should I go to find someone as suitable as you, who’s able to make up for all my flaws?” – Zhi Shu
“The value of life does not depend on the physical but depends on what we have done in life.” – Zhi Shu

To The Beautiful You
“If such thing as a miracle exists, then it’s another name for hardwork.” – Tae Joon
“I’m a little sick of you now. A girl like me can get a handsome guy, so there’s no reason for me to try so hard.” – Ha Na
“Don’t do this again. You getting hurt in my place, I hate it more.” – Tae Joon
“It was probably really hard for her and she probably had no one to talk to about it with. But that I didn’t know anything like a fool and that I couldn’t help her at all… makes me angry. But that it was all for someone else and not me… makes me really angry. But the thing that angers me the most… is the me who won’t be able to forgive her in the end. I’m angry at myself.” – Eun Kyul

“I know I’m dumb, I know I’m stupid, but I know what love is.” – Jia Sen
“Let this be my last word, that I trust thy love.” – Momo & MARS
“Prince Kasaba once said, ‘Friends worry about each other with a smile. Lovers worry about each other with a frown.’ Why is Mars frowning like that?” – Momo

Tokyo Juliet
“A girl’s tears are very precious. You must not let other people see it.” – Feng Liang

Tree of Heaven
“Oppa, I walk barefoot sometimes too. When my heart is cold… when I don’t feel like going on… when I miss mother… when I miss you. In this way, I really forget how cold my heart is.” – Hana
“Now that I’m alone, I can truly understand how you felt when your heart was cold. How lonely you must have been. The heartache you must have felt. Why didn’t I embrace you with more warmth then?” – Hana

Tree With Deep Roots
“Don’t cry. And look at me. Back then… when I was reunited with you, as I was going back to the palace by myself, do you know what was hardest on me? Sleep. After meeting you, after twenty-some years, for the first time I slept sweet as honey. ‘If I leave together with him, I could probably continue to sleep like that, right?’ Just thinking about it, made me so happy already. Again… for allowing me to dream happily again… thank you so much.” – So Yi
“Thank you. I’m sorry. Though it’s true I wish for you to be at my side, it seems I will get to breathe at last once you leave. Isn’t that true for you as well? Day by day, you must live in joy together with Kang Chae-yoon. Promise me. – King Sejong
“Why don’t I sleep? Why? It’s not that I don’t sleep. It’s because I can’t. When I close my eyes… whenever I close my eyes… my fa – If I slept I could have forgotten it all. I would have forgotten it all. So I looked forward to kill him only. Yes, I lived to this day like that. That’s how… that’s how I managed to live!” – Chae Yoon
“I don’t have the ability to forget. I… don’t have the ability to forget anything. The day with him, the word-game sequence we played. The shape of the spider web at the corner inside the royal prison. The color of the ribbon worn by the young court girl who delivered the letter. Even the pattern of the roof tile on the stone wall where my father and I were separated. Everything! I can draw everything that happened. Forget it? There is no way to forget it. Do you know how much I want to kill myself?” – So Yi
“There is no such thing as a lowly life. In this world, there are no lowly lives. If you are indeed wrongly accused, I won’t let you die unfairly.” – Chae Yoon

Under the Hawthorn Tree
“I cannot wait for you for one year and one month, I cannot wait for you until you are 25 but I have waited for you my whole life.” – Lao Sun


Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu
“Even when things are terrible, things can still taste so delicious.” – Mako

What’s Up
“Singing is used to convey things that you can’t put into words.” – Sun

Wild Romance
“Love doesn’t look at your overall status. Love gets fixed on one charm… something that others don’t have, find that.” – Dong Ah
“I really wanted to change after I fell for him… at the same time I wonder why can’t he like me for who I am?” – Eun Jae

Winter Sonata
“When someone dies, the world continues spinning but there’s one person less…” – Yu-jin
“You haven’t truly loved some one, have you? That’s why you can talk so casually. You don’t know what it’s like to have someone leave your side overnight, do you? Nothing changes except that one person’s absence. Someone like you would never understand. Is it so wrong to feel the pain of losing someone?” – Yu-jin
“All the time in the world can’t erase my memories. A person you bury in your heart, you can never forget.” – Yu-jin’s mother
“If you’re really in love, appearances aren’t important. The best house is the one you build in each other’s hearts.” – Yu-jin
“You don’t have to have a reason for missing someone.” – Yu-jin
“The ten years of time he spent with you… it is impossible to only move two steps during those times.” – Min Hyung
“Let me tell you how to make friends… left foot… right foot… left foot… right foot… slowly step by step.” – Yu Jin
“Take a deep look… it is so beautiful in here. Why live in the shadow world only with memories?” – Min Hyung
“Let’s not turn back and look at each other after this – I do not wish to remember your shadow as the last memory of you I had.” – Yoo Jin
“I wanted so much to call his name out loud. Whenever I missed him, I wanted to call out his name. But if there were no answer, I’d feel that he was really dead, that he was really gone. So, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to believe he was gone, because he couldn’t be dead. He was supposed to meet me. He wouldn’t break his promise.” – Yu Jin

Why Why Love
“This is how I am. If you can’t stand it, shut your eyes and go to sleep.” – Huo Da
“All the stars in the sky represent I love you. When the wind blows, it represents I miss you. When the sun shines warmly, it represents me embracing you and when its raining, it means that you’re not around and I feel lonely.” – Jia Di
“I used to hate the way I speak, but I’m used to it, this is what I based my life on. I don’t need dreams, I’m not interested in falling in love, I will not allow myself to have my hopes dash, because when there are no hopes, then there will be no disappointments.” – Jia Di
“When I repeat it 3 times, it means I really don’t want it.” – Jia Di
“Sweet love is high calories.” – Jia Di
“Oh right… if your eyes talk then what is your mouth doing? You eyes took your mouth’s job! I hate it when someone’s unemployed!” – Jia Di
“I want to be with you. I’ll withstand it if you drive even faster. When you want to go on an adventure, I’ll accompany you. When you are facing danger and you reach your limit, I want you to have only one person in your mind, and that person is me. I want to be there with you when you’re in the most danger. During your darkest hour, I’ll accompany you until we find the light.” – Jia Di
“Everybody will die. There are a lot of people who have already left us: my dad, your mom, Auntie Qin… but their love will never leave us. So, even if you’re going to die, don’t push me away! In this world there are so many unexpected deaths. I don’t want us to lose the chance to love each other just because of fear!” – Jia Di

Will It Snow At Christmas?
“Do you often hear that you’re foolish? That you’re stupid, and pathetic? You must get that a lot. If you act like this, will he come to you? If you give up your life or beg, do you think you could hold onto him?” – Kang-jin
“Please just forgive me this once. My rudeness to you, the horrible things I said, breaking your heart, not telling you my heart – lying… please overlook it just once. How I was weak like an idiot and gave you heartache, how I hurt your feelings, how I drove you nuts – forgive me this once. Forgive me just this once.” – Ji-wan

Wonderful Life
“You said when you truly love someone, you become scared and weak. You were right. I was a coward. But that wasn’t all. When you love someone, you become brave.” – Seung Wan
“An expiration date for a relationship is dependent on how many secrets the couple shares and how much they trust each other with those secrets.” – Chae Young
“We grown-ups sometimes hide our feelings and say things we don’t mean. That’s why we have misunderstandings and get jealous and suspicious.” – Seung Wan
“There’s no one that’s truly happy. The doctor that once dreamed of being a singer, the lawyer that dreamed of being an artist, the janitor that dreamed of being an actor, a mother that dreamed of being a diplomat, a pilot that dreamed of marrying the woman he loved. Life doesn’t go the way you dreamed it would, but still we have to go on, right? And if so, shouldn’t we at least try to be happy? Try to love? Couldn’t we work at it? Couldn’t we just love each other? It’s too hard without love, taking responsibility, raising a baby, having patience, it’s all too hard without love. Let’s just try to love each other… please.” – Se Jin
“In life, there will be many times when you want to give up. But you get married so you have someone to get through the tough times with!” – Jae Kyun
“Ahhh… where is the Fiery Food Cart? Maybe it burned down?” – Seung Wan
“It would be nice if you could see a person’s heart laid open, like a blueprint. It’d be nice to know how much space there is in his heart, who’s in that space, and where I am. Then I’d know what I could fill the space with…” – Se Jin


Yamada Taro Monogatari
“If you stop giving up so easily, don’t you think that they’ll be far better things ahead?” – Mimura
“Yamada family commandments. Don’t borrow money. We can’t return it! Although we may lose money? We’ll face upwards and keep walking! Always have in your heart? The smiles of our family! Ittedakimasu!” -Yamada family
“I was wrong, you can be happy without money. The happiness of sharing one piece of pancake can be found here. I can say it with confidence now… even if you were poor, I… love you!” – Takako

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
“It doesn’t matter what the world thinks, nor what your parents think. If you don’t like yourself even if the world loves you then you need to become a person whom you like.” – Mine
“You should worry about your insides getting uglier more than worrying about your face.” – Kyohei
“Love makes you a coward.” – Takanaga
“The ‘you’ that you hate is the one that I love…” – Kyohei
“There are things that you can see because you believe in them.” – Mine
“The moment she falls in love with the world’s best man, that would be the time when a girl turns into a lady.” – Mine
“Now that he knows how great she is regardless of the way she looks… it’s probably frustrating for him to think that if she doesn’t change the way she looks, people wont notice how great she is.” – Takenaga
“Apparently in life, we end up being like a lost child at times. The more we struggle, the least likely we’re to find our way. And it can be very frightening… because everyone around us looks like an enemy. And although we may think we’re all alone in the world, the truth is that when we do get really lost, we have no other choice but to wait for someone to come find us. The person who really cares about us will definitely come for us.” – Kyohei
“I wanted to because as bright as you are. I thought that if I stepped into your world, I’d be able to stand beside you.” – Sunako
“You are fine the way you are…” – Kyohei
“Most children grow up thinking their parents are strong and perfect. But one day they learn that that’s not the case. They learn that they parents are only human and that they can be weak. That’s the time for the children to protect their parents.” – Shinichi

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
“I am no longer a yankee!” – Hana
“People can start over as many times as they want.” – Hana
“Why do you have to erase your past? You are who you are because of your past, isn’t it so?” – Shinagawa

You’re Beautiful
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Zenkai Girl
“If I had to say what I do regret, well… I guess it would be how I sealed away my feelings for the sake of my dream. Sealing up your feelings is troublesome. If you don’t let them out, they’ll continue to question you for your entire life.” – Sakuragawa

Zettai Kareshi
“Robbing him of his memories is the same as robbing him of his life.” – Namikiri
“I, too… have memories now. Meeting you, walking together with you, eating with you, seeing your face when you are sleeping, hearing your laughter, and your…” *hug* – Night
“It might be okay. Even if it’s a robot or a human, it’s just the same.” – Riko
“Perhaps love by nature is a sorrowful thing.” – Chief